How to Update Your Email Address in Bud - Learners guide


If you need to update your email address in Bud please log in to your learner portal and follow the steps outlined below.

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How to: Update Your Email Address 

1. Log into your Bud account using your current email address and password at

2. As shown in the clip below: 

  • Click on the profile icon in the top right corner of the learner portal
  • Select 'account'.
  • In the basic info section click 'edit' personal email address


3. Change your email address as required making sure there are no spaces before or after the email you entered. Once you are sure that you have entered the correct email address, click 'save'.

4. An email will be sent to your new email address with a confirmation link. You must click on the confirmation link to finalise the email address change. Please note that the link will expire within 12 hours of sending.

5. Once you have clicked on the confirmation link, the email address associated with your Bud account will be updated. You can now log in using your new email address.

If you encounter any issues during the process please contact the Bud Support Team.

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