Release 4.53 - 18th April

Other Skills and Training


You can now invite applicants to self-enrol after creating the application. On the application overview page, click the link to invite the applicant to complete their details. This will update the application status to 'Applicant Invited’ and send an email to the applicant. clark_kent.png
You can also re-send the invite email to applicants that have already been invited. On the application overview page, click the link to re-send the invitation to the applicant.  sally_smith.png

Learning Record Service (LRS) - Premium Only 

We have added Learning Record Service (LRS) search functionality to the enrolment for OST applicants. Searches of the LRS to return Unique Learner Number (ULN) and qualifications stored by the LRS can be performed using an applicant’s demographic information, or if known with their ULN. Qualifications found through the LRS search can be found within the qualifications section. Additional qualifications can be added manually at this point.

Where an applicant does not have a ULN, you can create one by registering the applicant during enrolment. You do not have to find or create the ULN for each applicant, but doing so now means that the ULN will be attached to the applicant's Learning Plan.

Full details of this functionality can be found here 

Bootcamp initial ILR automation 

To complete our Bootcamp initial ILR automation workstream we have made changes to the Bootcamp programme build and ILR functionality. This development will allow Bootcamp programmes to be created with the “Contract reference number” and “Bootcamp category code” defined at programme level. See the table below for more detail on these fields:  

  • Contract reference number (ConRefNumber): 

As defined in the ILR specification this field is to be populated for all Bootcamp funded aims. The contract reference number is specific to the Bootcamp programme being delivered and is sent to providers by the ESFA. When a learner is placed on a Bootcamp programme this contract reference number will be pre-populated in the learner’s ILR 

  • Bootcamp category code: 

As defined in the Skills Bootcamp funding and management guidelines there is a specified list of “Z00” codes, one of which must be returned in the ILR for all Bootcamp provision.


Both of these fields will be mandatory for all new and cloned Bootcamp programmes and any learner that subsequently has this programme assigned to them will have their ILR pre-populated with the “Contract reference number” and will have a component aim created with the relevant “Z00” code for that category: 

During the creation or cloning of a Bootcamp programme, you will be able to define the relevant “Z00” code for the programme being delivered:  bootcamp.png
When this programme is then assigned to a learner, the “Z00” code will be created as a component aim with the Learning Aim Reference number being pre-determined by the Bootcamp category code:  learning_information_2.png


Bug Fix - Employment Information

We have fixed a bug where the length of unemployment information was not saving correctly in the application and the ILR. 

Apprenticeship Applications

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

We have made some changes to the Applicant funding page to allow discounts to be applied to the maximum funding band for RPL and/or further reductions to the agreed training price with the employer. We have provided a more granular breakdown of the costs and reductions applied to present a clearer audit trail and to ensure compliance with the funding rules.  
Details of the changes that have been made and a video guide to using the new functionality can be found here. 

New Declaration 

We have added a declaration and confirmation checkbox to the ‘Support & access requirements’ page in the apprenticeship application. This is for trainers to confirm that the applicant’s disability information is correct and up to date. This is to help solve a bug where the ILR was returning an erroneous –1 code for the applicant’s disability information. 


Bug Fix - Learning Plan

We have fixed a bug where some apprenticeship learning plans were not being generated correctly following sign-up. 

ILR Specification 23/24 

We have added several “Valid to” dates to ILR fields following the release of V1 of the ILR specification for the 2023 to 2024 academic yearThis completes all ILR changes for 2023 to 2024 announced to date. Any future changes to the ILR specification will be addressed as soon as possible after their announcement.  

  • Learning Delivery Funding and Monitoring: Added “Valid to 31/07/23” to ASL – Community Learning provision type and all associated codes 
  • Learner Delivery HE Information: Added “Valid to 31/07/23” to the following Qualification on Entry (QUALENT3) codes:
    • C44 – Higher Apprenticeships (Level 4)
    • P70 – Professional Qualification at Level 3
    • P91 – Mixed Level 3 qualifications of which some or all are subject to Tariff

Business Intelligence - 20th April at 2.30pm 

New Accountability Framework - Premium Only 

We have created our first iteration of the accountability framework. This follows the ESFA framework but is based on the overnight run of the ILR.

We have split the sections into Quality and Supplementary indicators, and you can drill into the pages to explore areas that are marked as “needs improvement” and “at risk.”

Our full specification of the report is available here. 


To access the reports your system administrator will be required to provide you with the permissions in user management. Access to the reports will be available by Friday morning. 

Operations Dashboards

We have made some other minor enhancements to the Operations Dashboard, which are already available in the platform: 

  • Added the ULN to all the reports.
  • RAG status counter – a new count that will show the time since a RAG status was added to a learner.


New DWH Fields

The new Learner Activity Manager role is now visible in the User table.


Table     Column Description Data Type
User       Is Learner activity manager int

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