Release 4.54 - 9th May 2023

Other Skills and Training

For applicants that have completed self-enrolment, stated they are employed but the employer has not yet been selected by the training provider, the applicants list will now state ‘Not provided’ in the ‘Employer’ column. This previously stated ‘Null’ which is not entirely accurate.

OST self-enrolment

We have updated the logic for inviting applicants to self-enrol after the initial application creation. Where an application was created prior to the self-enrolment feature being released and is still incomplete, providers will not have the option to invite the applicant to self-enrol on the application overview page. This functionality will only be available for applications that were created after the release of the self-enrolment functionality on 7th March 2023.

Apprenticeship Enrolments

We have updated the wording on the question relating to the applicant’s sex. This has been renamed as ‘Legal sex’. The new wording will also be reflected in the Application Summary document.

Due to the ESFA’s ILR specification only allowing the options ‘Male’ and ‘Female’ we are unable to change the answer options for this question as it will cause an error in the ILR. 

Bug Fixes

  • OST SCORM Autocomplete – When a learner completes a SCORM package within an OST programme, the results will report back and autocomplete the activity as handled for apprenticeships. Please note the behaviour of autocomplete is based upon the SCORM configuration set during programme build and within the SCORM package itself.
  • OST self-enrolment – We have fixed a bug where email invites were not always sent to the applicant when the option to invite them to self-enrol was selected.
  • Admin> Bulk Upload> Funding Report – We have fixed an issue where the funding report within the bulk upload section of bud will not generate for some users.
  • We have added validation to the contract reference field in the ILR to allow only acceptable alpha-numeric and hyphen characters to be entered manually.

Business Intelligence

The reports below have already been released to live since our last release notes were sent.

Standard Reports – New Functional Skills report 

We have added a new report to the Standard Reports that provide details of Learners with functional Skills, this has been split into Maths and English.

For each aim you can see

  • the aim start and end date
  • Status of the aim: Complete or Outstanding
  • Percentage through learning. Where the learner is 100% complete but the aim is outstanding, the aim has not been confirmed by your IQA.

You can filter the report by functional skill date by selecting on the graph month you wish to explore.

Minor enhancements 

In addition we have made the following minor enhancements

  • ILR reconciliation, Completed Programme: We have added the ILR outcome codes to the data table.
  • Standard Reports, Unscheduled reviews: We have updated the report filters to only included learners in the following statuses:
    • In progress learners 
    • Break approved 
    • break requested
    • withdrawal approved 
    • withdrawal requested

Bud Academy Updates

Bud Academy is a suite of online courses designed to support our users. We are pleased to announce that all courses will be available on our Knowledge Base platform in this release. You will be able to access the content on the primary navigation page of our Knowledge Base via the Bud Academy tab as shown below:

Within this area you will find a range of courses including an onboarding training module for each specific user role. This area is for Bud customers only, please speak with your Customer Success Manager on how to gain access.  

We have also developed learner and employer specific training courses which are available in the learner and employer sections of our Knowledge Base. We recommend encouraging both your learners and the employers you work with to complete these short training courses, to support them in getting the most out of the platform. To access the learner specific course, click here and the employer specific course here.  

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