Release 4.55 - 23rd May


We have made improvements to the way that the “funding adjustment for prior learning” is calculated on Math and English aims when a learner returns from a break in learning. The value for this adjustment will now be calculated specifically on the aim duration and elapsed time at the point the break in learning commenced.

This will provide a more accurate figure for the percentage of funding remaining when the learner returns to learning. The change will consider Math and English aims that have different start dates and/or durations to the programme aim. The updated logic will also support multiple breaks in learning during a programme. 

Business Intelligence - 25th May 3.30pm

Please note your reports may be unavailable for a short time afterwards. 

Employer Reports: New Learner Hours Log

Similar to the Off the Job Hours Log that we added to the Standard reports earlier this year we have added a new Learner Hours Log into the Employer Reports.

This will give employers the ability to see the number of hours a learner has completed against their apprenticeship, this has been split into 

  • Hours recorded via the log, including pending and approved hours.
  • Bulk hours added on submission

For more information on the OTJH logs see here. 

For all the learners an employer is able to view they are able to drill down to see how they are progressing.


Early Releases 

Since our last formal release, two new reports have been added to the ILR reconciliation reports and updates made to the Learning Support Report.

ILR Reconciliation Reports: 

1. Planned Hours. After initial enrolment, the planned hours are set in the ILR. Within the Bud Learning Plan, if activities are exempted or added then the planned hours will increase or decrease.
The new report will only include learners where the planned hours in Bud are less than those recorded in the ILR.


2. Start Dates: Once a Learner has been enrolled into Bud the start date can be changed using the Edit Flow but this will not update the ILR. We have created this report to highlight where there is a difference between the Platform and the ILR


Learning Support Report

Two new columns have been added: 

  1. Has disability
  2. ALS funding is currently being claimed.


Rag Rating Updates 

We have added the latest Rag Rating for learners to the: 

  • Last progress date report in the Operations Dashboard
  • Learner Progress Details in the Standard Reports.

New Data Warehouse Items


Table Name Column Name Description Data Type Length of Column Nullable
Apprentice Bud Account Registered Boolean flag to denote whether learner has registered their account on Bud bit   Yes
Commitment Statement CommitmentStatementStatusDesc Commitment Statement Status Description varchar 50 Yes

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