Learning Plan - Off the Job Hours for SCORM activities


This article outlines how to edit the actual number of off the job hours (OTJH) when completing SCORM activities as well as how they are calculated. 

When completing SCORM activities actual hours are automatically added to the OTJH log for that activity, which will feed into the learner's overall actual hours. Due to the automated way the time spent on a SCORM activity is calculated (there is no time out) there is the potential for inflated OTJH being logged. In this instance, trainers can view the OTJH log and edit those associated with SCORM entries which are not a true reflection to ensure the actual hours completed. 

User Roles

  • Trainers
  • Learners

How to: Edit OTJH for SCORM activities

Edits can be made to the SCORM off the job hours for activities that are of any status but not for the following learner statuses: on a break, withdrawn, completed and pending. 

  • Go to the SCORM activity and view the OTJH tab
  • Here you will see listed SCORM submissions
  • To edit, click the edit button 
  • On the modal, adjust hours and save 
  • OTJH are updated and will feed into the learners total actual hours

How are the SCORM activity OTJH calculated? 

  • SCORM hours are rounded up or down to the nearest hour, depending on whether a learner has spent more or less than 30 minutes on the activity within that hour. For example, if a learner spends 1 hour & 35 minutes on an activity this will be rounded up to 2 hours, and for 1 hour & 25 minutes, this will be rounded down to 1 hour. If less than 30 minutes were spent on the activity this will be rounded down to 0. 
  • Each time a submission is made, the hours look at the total time spent on the activity (using the same rounding calculation as above). Additional hours for that submission are calculated by subtracting the previous number of hours already submitted. If less than 30mins has been spent on the submission it will be shown as 0. 
  • SCORM time spent is taken from how long the learner has the SCORM package open in a web browser. Often a learner can leave this open meaning the time count continues to increase. 

How OTJH for SCORM activities will appear in the OTJH log? 

  • An entry will be made for each attempt made at completing the SCORM package
  • Hours allocated depend on the overall time spent and whether the time is rounded up or down using the calculation described above. Therefore some entries may appear as 0 due to not hitting the 30min threshold.  
  • In some scenarios, you will see 0 value entries against 'resources has started' and 'resource has completed'. These are always triggered, and depending on the configuration of the package depends on how and if they are utilised to present values. The second example below shows this. 


1. Here the learner has completed the SCORM package within one sitting. The SCORM package required the learner to complete the learning resource but did not have to pass the quiz. This means only one record appears, and is recorded as 'Learning resource has been completed': 




2. Here the learner needs to complete the SCORM package and pass to complete the activity. The learner spent 32 minutes on the first attempt and then 1 hour and 6 minutes on the second attempt. The first attempt is rounded up to an hour (due to it being over 30mins) and the second attempt is also one hour (due to it not being over an hour and a half). 

The image below shows how these two submissions will be presented along with the 'resource has started' and 'resource has been completed' being automatically triggered as '0': 



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