Release 4.57 - 11th July 2023

2023 to 2024 Funding Rules update

In response to the publication of Version 1 of the Apprenticeship Funding Rules (Aug 2023 to July 2024) we have made several changes to Bud to facilitate compliance with these new rules. We envisage all funding rule related changes to be available prior to the start of the 2023 to 2024 academic year (1st August 2023) 

Full details of all the changes made so far, and those planned for completion by 1st Aug 2023 can be found here.

OST Applications

Application Summary document

We have added a signable document to the OST application process, the Application Summary document. This document will summarise the applicant’s eligibility information and their programme information and will be signed by three parties:

  • The applicant
  • A training provider user
  • An employer contact, where applicable

The training provider will have the option to collect signatures via one of two methods:

  • Signature confirmed offline
  • Request online signature

Please note, we are still finishing some aspects of this feature, therefore will keep the feature switch disabled for your live tenancies for the next couple of weeks. We intend to complete the first phase of the feature for you to use in live at the next release: 25th July.

If you would like to try the feature before using it live, please speak to your Customer Success Manager about enabling it in your test tenancies.

The video below provides a preview of the document feature:

Employer Selection 

We have updated the ‘Employment’ page in OST applications so applications can be completed without having to select an employer and employer contact when the applicant is in paid employment.

During an application, if the answer to the question regarding the applicant’s employment status is ‘In paid employment’, we have added a new question asking if the employer will be involved in the training programme as shown below: 


  • If the user selects ‘yes’, it will be mandatory to select the employer and employer contact for the application. The employer contact will then have to sign the Application Summary document.
  • If the user selects ‘no’, the application can be completed without selecting an employer or employer contact. The Application Summary document will not require an employer's signature.

Activity Management 

Adding activities to Other Skills & Training programmes 

To continue the Activity Management journey, we are releasing the ability to use the activity library to build your Other Skills and Training programmes, using the same steps used to build your standards programmes. To find out more on how to build your OST programmes using the activity library click here. 

For those that missed it, here is the recording of the Activity Library webinar where the activity management workstream was explained.  You can also find the detail behind the activity management workstream here.

Activity Library - Request approval button 

To swiftly request approval for an activity to be reviewed and published, we have added a 'request approval' button (see image below) at the bottom of the activity once you have saved edits to an activity. Previously you would have had to return to the library, find the activity, and then request approval.


Withdrawal List Update

We have extended our withdrawal reason list to help provide further insight and analysis on the reason for learners leaving.  

The full list and further details on the withdrawal from learning process can be found here.

API Enhancements 

We are improving and enhancing our APIs to support several use cases. Below provides a summary of those enhancements.

  • GET Employer Contact: This new endpoint enables customers to retrieve information about the Employer Contacts associated with a specific Employer record. 
  • GET Application: This new endpoint enabled Customers to retrieve certain details of a specific application in Bud for a given GUID. 
  • GET Learning Plan This new endpoint enables Customers to retrieve a list of Activities and their statuses within a Learning Plan for a given learner. 

Bug Fixes

We have fixed an issue regarding the order of Qualification Assessment Criteria within Programme Builder, so that it will order based on the entire number range, i.e. 1.1.a, 1.1.b, 1.1.c.

Advanced notice of future changes

ILR Crossover/R14

The new academic year begins on August 1st 2023. Preparations for the change of academic year have been ongoing for some time and there will be no significant functional changes made to Bud following the “multi-year” approach introduced this time last year. To support the 2023 to 2024 academic year, however, we do need to perform several essential technical changes.

To release these changes, we will be taking the Bud platform offline from: 

  • UPDATED: 11pm on 31st July to approximately 2am 1st August

When the changes have been completed and the platform reinstated you will see a number of subtle changes as we stop supporting the 21/22 ILR and switch support to the 22/23 and 23/24 ILRs.

Your data will be automatically copied into the 23/24 ILR schema and the appropriate validation rules applied to it. You will be able to access and edit data for the outgoing 22/23 academic year up until the R14 submission window closes at 6 pm on the 19th of October (at which point 22/23 data will become read-only).

Due to the transition between academic years a Data Warehouse (DWH) update will not occur on the night of the 31st July, but will resume as normal on the 1st Aug. This means you will not see your data updated in the DWH until the morning of the 2nd July. 

OST Funding Models

Following the launch of Bud’s OST applications over two years ago, we have monitored the data to see which funding models were most used by our customers. This has led us to conclude that our developments in the future will focus primarily on AEB and Bootcamps, with the possibility of also extending our Commercial offering in the long term.

We were also able to conclude that some funding models were rarely if ever, used and therefore added little value to Bud’s OST product. Therefore, we will be switching off the options to some OST funding models for new applications from the new academic year starting 1st August 2023. The funding models we will be switching off are:

  • ESF
  • Study Programmes
  • T-levels

If you would still like to deliver some of these programmes on Bud, you will be able to do so by using the ‘Other’ funding model option. This will allow you to create an application and collect the same information you can today, as well as continue to make use of features such as applicant self-enrolment.

The feature switches for these funding models will be disabled at the end of July. If you have any feedback on this, please contact your Customer Success Manager.


Business Intelligence - 13th July at 3.30pm 

Please note your reports may be blank for a short time afterwards.

In this release, we have added two new views called Presentation.[Programme Activities] and Presentation.[User Attributes].

Presentation.[Programme Activities] details the default Activities set against a Programme, as defined in Programme Management. This also contains a new field detailing the Activity Library status if the activity has been added using this function.

Presentation.[User Attributes] is for future use and can be ignored for now, but is included for those who have ‘self-discovery’ ETL processes.


New Data Warehouse Items:

Table Name Column Name Description Data Type Length Nullable
Activity From Activity Library Flag to denote where an activity is in the Activity Library bit   Yes
Activity ProgrammeActivityId Bud Programme Management ActivityId - used in Programme Management and Activity Library.  Different from the Learning Plan ActivityId used elsewhere. uniqueidentifier   Yes
Programme Activities Activity Library Status Activity Library Status if applicable varchar 50 Yes
Programme Activities Activity Name Activity Name. nvarchar 255 Yes
Programme Activities Activity Summary Activity Summary. nvarchar 255 Yes
Programme Activities Activity Type Activity Type. varchar 50 Yes
Programme Activities Auto Completion Option Auto Completion option for this activitiy varchar 50 Yes
Programme Activities Dim_ProgrammeActivityRelationship_SK Metadata: Programme Activity Relationship Surrogate Key (PK) int   No
Programme Activities DW_CreationDateTime Metadata: Date and Time record first created in the DWH datetime2   Yes
Programme Activities DW_LastModifiedDateTime Metadata: Date and Time record last updated in the DWH datetime2   Yes
Programme Activities From Activity Library Flag as to whether activity is from the Activity Library bit   Yes
Programme Activities Has Valid Third Party Content Whether this activity has third-party content bit   Yes
Programme Activities LastModifiedDateTime Latest Date and Time the Activity, Programme-Activity relationship or Activity Library record were updated in Bud datetime2   Yes
Programme Activities Off The Job Hours Default Off The Job Hours associated with this Activity int   Yes
Programme Activities ProgrammeActivityId Bud Programme Management ActivityId - used in Programme Management and Activity Library.  Different from the Learning Plan ActivityId used elsewhere. uniqueidentifier   No
Programme Activities ProgrammeActivityRelationshipId Metadata: Bud Internal Activity Relationship Id uniqueidentifier   No
Programme Activities ProgrammeId Bud Programme Id uniqueidentifier   No
Programme Activities TrainingProviderId Bud Training Provider Id uniqueidentifier   No
User Attributes Attribute Data Type Attribute Data Type - can cast to this data type varchar 16 Yes
User Attributes Attribute Name Name of User Attribute nvarchar 50 No
User Attributes Attribute Value Attribute Value as an nvarchar(255).  Check Attribute Data Type to enable cast to another data type nvarchar 255 Yes
User Attributes CreationDateTime CreationDateTime in the Bud front end datetime2   Yes
User Attributes Dim_User_SK Dim_User_SK Foreign Key to Dim_User int   No
User Attributes Dim_UserCustomAttributes_SK Metadata: Internal Surrogate Key int   No
User Attributes DW_CreationDateTime Creation Date and Time in Bud Data Warehouse datetime2   Yes
User Attributes DW_LastModifiedDateTime Last Modified Date and Time in Bud Data Warehouse datetime2   Yes
User Attributes LastModifiedDateTime Last Modified Date and Time in Bud front end datetime2   Yes
User Attributes TrainingProviderId Metadata: Bud Training Provider Id uniqueidentifier   No
User Attributes UserId Bud User Id uniqueidentifier   No


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