Release 4.59 - 8th August 2023

OST Applications

The new Application Summary document will be enabled for all initial OST applications. It will now form part of the enrolment process for users to sign before the applicant is signed up and the learning plan is generated. Once signed up, you will be able to view and download the completed document from the Application Overview page.

To find out more about the Application Summary document click here.

Please note the document is only available in the initial enrolment process and new versions will not be available via the edit flow. This will form the second phase of development for this feature, for which work has already begun. 

Activity Management Updates 

  • When building programmes, you will now be able to easily identify whether an activity is from the library or a manual entry:

activity management.png

  • When cloning a programme that uses activities from the library, changes continue to propagate from the library into the cloned programme. For full details on the Activity Management workstream, click here.

Contact Card - Key Programme Dates 

The dates within the Learner Contact card now include the following labels:

  • Start date 
  • End of Practical Period date (Standards only) and End of Programme date.

(Frameworks and OST Learners, will include ‘Start Date’ and ‘End of Programme’ date only)

To align this with the Learner Overview page the labels have also been adjusted here: 

key programme dates v2.PNG

Off the Job Hours Commentary

When manually adding off-the-job hours into Bud, you can now provide some additional information in a new comments box as shown below, allowing users to explain where and how hours have been obtained: 



This information will be visible in the list of OTJ Hours and in the Data Warehouse.

Learner Confirming a Submission

Previously, when a learner confirmed a submission the interface did not then display that confirmation anywhere. Now when a learner clicks confirm, an additional message is automatically added with the date and time of the confirmation and a copy of the wording the learner confirmed against: 

learner submission.PNG

Learning Plan - SCORM activity status update:

When a learner starts a SCORM package in an unset activity, the status will be updated to ‘In progress’ to match the behaviour of a non-SCORM activity. The activity due date will remain unset and can be set as per the current process.

Business Intelligence - 10th August at 3.30pm

Please note your reports may be blank for a short time afterwards

Accountability Framework Premium Only

The report has now been adjusted to allow selection between the new ILR Year and the last ILR Year: 

accountability framework.png

Our full specification of the report is available here. 


OST Application updates to Employer Report Premium Only

Applications with the status "Learner Enrolment" are now included in the Applications in Progress and Invited to Self-Register counts. These are shown on the Employer Reports Dashboard and Application Status pages.
Applications with the status "Learner Enrolment" and "In Progress" are now included in the Application Status report.
The tables in the reports have been updated to a newer style that should be easier to read with a larger font size.


Benchmarking Reports – Add On product

Bud Benchmarking reports have been updated to include trend analysis for each of the existing sections to allow you to compare the performance metrics of your provider with other providers using Bud over time.

Benchmarking data has been accumulated from 1st March 2023 onwards and is now presented for you to see trends over time.


Benchmarking is a chargeable bolt-on product, you can read more about the report here.  Please speak to your Customer Success Manager for more details.


New Data Warehouse Fields

The ILR tables in the Data Warehouse now have data for 23/24 as well as 22/23.

In this release we have added a new view called Presentation.[Learner Destinations] with the following fields:

Column Name Description Data Type Length of Column Column is Nullable
Comment Additional comments related to Learner Destination nvarchar 255 Yes
Date of Submission Data that Learner Destination record was entered into Bud date   Yes
Destination Learner Destination nvarchar 255 Yes
DestinationProgressionId Metadata: Bud Internal Destination Progression Id uniqueidentifier   No
Dim_LearnerDestination_SK Metadata: Learner Destination Surrogate Key (Primary Key) int   No
DW_CreationDateTime Metadata: Created Date and Time in Data Warehouse datetime2   Yes
DW_LastModifiedDateTime Metadata: Last Modified Date and Time in Data Warehouse datetime2   Yes
LastModifiedDateTime Metadata: Last Modified Date and Time in Bud datetime2   Yes
LearningPlanId Bud Learning Plan Id uniqueidentifier   No
TrainingProviderId Bud Training Provider Id uniqueidentifier   No


Bug fixes 

  • In instances where the assessment criteria are more than 10 items, the order was shown as alphabetical. This has been corrected to numerical ordering.


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