Release 4.60 - 22nd August 2023

OST Application Summary Document

You can now generate new versions of the Application Summary Document when editing an OST application.

When you click ‘finish editing’, you will have the option to generate a new document. If you choose to generate a new document, a draft will be created, and you will need to collect all of the required signatures on the document to complete the application edits. Completion of the edits will be automated on the application of the final signature.

  • For more information on OST documents & signatures, click here
  • For more information on the OST edit flow, click here

Activity Management

Activity Library propagation to learning plans

The exciting Activity Management workstream continues to deliver. Updates made and republished to activities in the library will now propagate to learning plans using a set of business rules which can be found here.

Activity Library filters are now retained

When filtering your activity library, filters selected will now remain selected if you go into an activity and then return to the activity library homepage.

  • For more information on Activity Library, click here for an overview and links to further articles.
  • For more information on the Activity Management workstream, click here

Learner List – Start Date

We’ve updated the ‘Learners List’ page to include the learner’s programme Start Date. You will be able to see the start date in the table and order the table to prioritise the oldest starts and newest starts: 


start date.png

Funding Rule – Application Summary

In relation to the learner providing their consent to share information with their employer, we have removed the requirement for employers to sign the Application Summary document for all learner records created after 1st August 2023. The Application Summary document will be seen by learners and providers only.

Learners created before this date, regardless of their programme start date, will still be required to have both the learner and employer sign.

  • For more information here

Business Intelligence - 24th August 2023 at 15:30

New Data Warehouse Fields

We have added a new field to Presentation.[Activity OTJH Submission Log]

Column Name


Data Type

Length of Column

Column is Nullable

OTJH Comments

Comments added in support of the OTJH submission





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