Release 4.61 - 6th September 2023

Apprenticeship Applications

Displaying All Pages of the Enrolment

We have updated the apprenticeship enrolment flow so the pages in the ‘Additional details’ section of the application can be viewed & edited by the training provider before scheduling the sign-up meeting.

This will allow you to view more of the information provided by the learner during self-enrolment so you can make the necessary arrangements before scheduling the sign-up meeting.

The first four pages of the application will still need to be completed before the sign-up meeting can be scheduled. All the pages in the ‘Additional details’ section will need to be completed before you can progress to the Application Summary document.

Written Statement

We have provided some additional information regarding the question for the Written Statement. This will give learners more information regarding how to answer this question. 

Written statement.PNG


We have enhanced our BKSB offering so that learners will receive the invite to BKSB earlier in the enrolment flow. Once the programme has been selected, an invite will be sent to the learner to complete their BKSB assessments. They no longer have to wait for the sign-up meeting to be scheduled.

Reason for Editing

We have extended the Applicant edit page so that a user can state the point in time they are editing and why they are editing the applicant, meaning they no longer need to explain why it is being edited in the notes section. 

This will provide a clear audit history of the changes to the applicant record and enable invaluable insight as to why Applicants are being edited.


Edit Flow.png


Apprenticeship Reviews - Skill Scan Made Optional

We have enhanced the review functionality so that users do not always have to complete one. A user will be presented with a choice of completing the skills scan during the review or skipping it.

Skills scan review.png

OST Applications – Document Updates

You can now view and download previous versions of your Application Summary document via the ‘Previous Documents’ panel on the application overview page.

We have provided additional information relating to the document in the Compliance section on the application overview page. A new line of audit information will be added when new versions of the document are created.

Compliance audits.PNG


Activity Management - Updating Enrolments

Now, not only do new enrolments receive the updates made in the activity library, but now updates will be taken through existing enrolments up to the point the first signature is captured on the apprenticeship agreement.

For more information on the propagation business rules, click here

For more information on Activity Library, click here for an overview and links to further articles.

For more information on the Activity Management workstream, click here.

Activity Management - Accessing the Activity Library

In the same way you can access other areas of the Bud platform, you can now access Activity Library from the main Bud screen.

al link.PNG

Business Intelligence - Standard Reports

We have updated our standard reports to improve experience and usability when finding the data that will support you with your daily processes.

In addition to a revamp and cleanse of existing reports, we have added new reports to assist with ESFA Funding rules around Active Learning and Employer engagement, some additions to aid learner processes such as withdrawal, break requests and returns and reports to show detail around new features in Bud such as programme management to aid use of the Activity Library.

For more information on the standard reports, please view the article here

Or join us for our webinar on the 14th September Introducing Bud's transformed reporting suite

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