Release 4.62 - 19th September 2023

Apprenticeship Applications - Care Leavers

We have updated the information on the Application Summary document for care leavers. The text will no longer refer to specific amounts of funding the learner will receive to account for the differences between academic years.

OST Applications - Legal Sex

We have updated the application question and document information relating to sex as ‘Legal Sex’ as shown below, following the change made previously to apprenticeship applications. 


Activity Management - Edit published programmes

As the work starts on the second phase of the activity management workstream, we start to set the groundwork for the functionality to edit a published Apprenticeship Standards programme.

There is now the ability to put a programme into ‘In edit’ status, this will only allow you to update the title of the programme, which is existing functionality. The programme will need to be republished for the name to propagate through to learners. We will be building on this functionality in the next quarter to add the ability to update, add, and remove activities.  For more information on the Activity Management workstream, click here.

Activity Library - Learning Plan Audit 

We have added an Audit section to the learning plan. This will show an audit of the changes made to a learner's activities due to the propagation of updates from the activity library. A notification will appear at the top of the learning plan when changes have been made with a button to go to the audit log. The audit is viewable at the bottom of the learning plan page. 

picture 2.png



Filtering the Library

We have added a button to the activity library that will clear the filters selected. As default, once filters are selected and you navigate in and out of activities the filters will remain until you select "clear all filters"



Bug Fixes 

  • Activity library continues to propagate after the signatures are reset due to an edit to the OTJH
    We have fixed a bug where the resetting of signatures following an edit to OTJH wasn't previously restarting the propagation of updates. Following the fix, if signatures are reset due to an OTJH edit in the application, activity library updates will continue to propagate until the first signature is once again captured on the apprenticeship agreement.
  • ILR overrides on “Z00” aims
    We have fixed a bug on the “Z00” aim of Standard where making an override to one or more sections of the aim would result in all sections of the aim displaying the override banner. Following the fix only the specific section that has been overridden will be marked as such.
  • Overrides appearing on the latest ZPROG when returning from a Break In Learning (BIL)
    We have addressed an issue where in some cases an override made to a ZPROG aim before a learner is placed on, and subsequently returned from, a BIL appears as if the latest ZPROG aim sequence has been overridden. Following the fix overrides made to an aim before a BIL will remain “attached” to that aim sequence only and will not affect any new aims created on return from a BIL. 
  • Broken/missing signatures on Apprenticeship application documents
    We have fixed a bug relating to the broken/missing signatures occasionally seen on Apprenticeship application documents.

Mobile App Decommissioned

The Bud mobile app functionality will be formally decommissioned on Friday 20th October 2023. The mobile app will be removed from Google Play Store and the App Store. You will still however be able to access the full Bud application through your mobile device’s web browser by either adding a shortcut to Bud directly to your mobile home screen or bookmarking Bud on your device. 

Business Intelligence – 21st September 2023 at 15:30

Please note your reports may be blank for a short time afterwards

Employer Reports & Standard Reports :  employer signature requirements

As per the recent change to remove the employer signature from the Applicant Summary document, adjustments have been made to the calculations driving the missing signature reports in Employer Reports and Standard Reports.

  • Where an application was created before 01/08/2023 and an employer signature is missing, it will flag as such
  • Where an application was created after 01/08/2023 a dash will show in the employer section indicating it is not required

We will look to depreciate this field in both reports in the future as historic data moves through the system.

New Data Warehouse Fields

In this release, we've introduced a new view, Presentation.[Application Questions OST], housing extra questions from the OST application stage, details can be found below along with additional fields being added to this release. Please see the attachment for further information. 

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