ILR Release 4.62.2 - 5th October

End Point Assessment (EPA) ILR Updates 

We have made improvements to the way the ILR is updated when a learner reaches EPA and then subsequently passes, fails and/or retakes their assessment. 

The following ILR fields may be updated in these circumstances:

  • Completion Status
  • Outcome
  • Learning Actual End Date
  • Achievement Date

Full details of the behaviours can be found here. 

Force a learner record into an ILR export

When creating the ILR for the new academic year, Bud applies the migration rules as specified by the ESFA here. 

However, we are aware that on occasion, it may be necessary to include a learner in an ILR export for a year they wouldn't normally be included in. This may be due to a late notification or by ESFA instruction. To accommodate for this, you will now be able to put in a support request on a learner-by-learner basis.  

This functionality does not change or replace Bud’s existing implementation of the ESFA migration rules, it is to assist our customers where an exception to these rules is required. 

For further information about this process and how to make a request to force a learner into a batch click here. 

Bug Fixes


We have fixed a bug where some PMR payments entered were not exporting into the ILR XML file. This behaviour can occur when Programme Aim (Zprog) is deleted and therefore the link between that aim and the associated payment record is broken. This fix will ensure that in this situation all PMR payments are reassigned to an active Programme Aim.  

OST Ethnicity Codes:

We have fixed a bug where during AEB enrolments some learner ethnicity values were not appearing as expected in the ILR. 



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