Release 4.63 - 19th October 2023

OST Application Summary Document

The signed OST Application Summary document will now be available for both Learners and Employer contacts to view via their portal.

This will be accessible by clicking 'Administration' and then 'Application Documents' while viewing a learner's record.

Please note that Learners and Employers will not be able to see draft documents via the learning plan. They will continue to view and sign draft documents via the ‘Documents to Sign’ table on their dashboard. Once a document is fully signed, it will be displayed in the new ‘Application Documents’ section.

Employer Portal - Learning Plan

Employers will now be able to view a learner's learning plan when viewing a learner record. This will allow the Employer contact associated with that learner to view the list of activities, their status, and their due date when viewing the learner’s record. This will be available for both Apprenticeship and OST programmes.

This will be accessible by clicking 'Learning' and then 'Learning Plan' while viewing a learner's record.

Please note that Employers cannot edit activities or click on an activity to view any further details.

Activity Management

Last release we saw the ability to put a published programme into a state of ‘in edit’. You can now edit the programme title, as well as text fields within manually added activities. These changes will propagate to enrolment and learning plans when the programme is re-published, following the normal Activity Management business rules that can be found here.

Skills Scan Feature Switch

In a previous release, we added a new question to Progress Reviews allowing users to choose if they wanted to complete a Skills Scan for that review. Following some feedback, we have introduced a new feature switch that will allow providers to hide this question and make it mandatory for a Skills Scan to be completed as part of every review.

The default setting will be for the user to choose if they would like to complete a Skills Scan. If you would like to enable the feature switch and make the Skills Scans mandatory then please contact your Customer Success Manager.

Bug Fixes

Assessment Criteria

When marking an activity as complete, it will no longer automatically mark all assessment criteria associated with the activity as complete. Instead, the trainer's selected criteria while marking the activity will be set to complete.

Working Hours

When editing the learner's working hours during the Apprenticeship enrolment flow, this will now update the Training Plan document with the current information where it previously wasn't. 

Any requirement to change this value after the initial enrolment will need to be made via the edit-flow and the “recalculate OTJH” hours box will need to be selected to reflect the change in the documents. 

Employer Information on the Training Plan

The employer information will now be displayed correctly on the Training Plan document.

OST Self-Enrolment

Some users reported that the option to invite a new OST applicant to self-enrol was showing despite the feature switch been disabled. This has now been fixed so that the option is only shown in tenancies where the self-enrolment feature is enabled.

Business Intelligence - 23rd October 2023 at 15:30

New Reports

  • Ofsted Report: A new report has been added to give you quick access to all the data you may need for an Ofsted inspection.
  • ILR Reconciliation Report: A new ILR Reconciliation report has been added, showing you where there is a discrepancy between the functional skills in Reg & Cert and the ILR, showing the details from both Bud and the ILR for the affected learning plans. Resolving this discrepancy will remove the rows from this report and fill in the blanks in the Standard Report. 

Standard Reports Updates

Since our last release, the following improvements have been made to the standard reports suite:

  • Skills Scan Progression: Now included in the compliance section, alongside progress reviews
  • Activity Submissions Log: Added to the compliance section, this feature helps you track learner submissions, marking times, and signatures, facilitating Active Learning support
  • Current Applications Enhancements: compliance check columns added as well as additional slicers
  • Reg & Cert Enhancements: Slicer pre-selecting Live status’ to enable faster load. Withdrawn or complete data can still be accessed in the slicer options as well as additional slicers 
  • BKSB Adjustments: The report has been expanded to show all applicants that may have BKSB outstanding, not just scheduled
  • All Progress Reviews enhancements: Slicers have now been added to this report
  • In-Flight Enhancements: A graphical element has been added to monitor caseloads. As well as an additional EPAO column and time to planned end date slicers to enable tracking of those that may be past their planned end date
  • Functional Skills: In the scenario where the Aim Reference for functional skills in Reg & Cert doesn't match the ILR, the Functional Skills did not display in the report. This has now been rectified, with the ILR fields (Aim Start Date, Aim End Date and Funding Model) being blank. An example of this would be City & Guilds Maths Level 1 vs Edexcel Maths Level 1. Exempt aims were also missing from the report, these are now shown - but can be filtered out using the slicer if you don't want to see them.

Finance Reports Updates

  • Young Persons Incentive Payments have now been added to our finance reports and csv extracts of apps indicative earnings.
  • LearningplanID has also been added to csv extracts to enable any additional lookups that may need to be done

New Data Warehouse Fields

In this release, we've updated the Presentation.[ApplicationEdits] table to show details of the new application edit stages and reasons.

Additionally, we have made adjustments to the logic for Presentation.’Progress Review’[Is Overdue] field to the following;

When the Progress Review Status is not Complete or Awaiting Signatures, and Schedule from is in the past, set to 1, otherwise 0

Table Name 

Column Name 


Data Type 

Column Length 

Column Nullable 

Learning Outcome 

Qualification Level String 

Qualification Level (New field which handles non-integer Qualification Levels) 




Progress Review 

Skills Scan Required 

Flag to indicate if a skills scan was required as part of this review (0=No, 1=Yes) 




The following field has been deprecated and will be removed in a future releaseDo not use in new development and make plans to replace with Qualification Level String, above.

Table Name 

Column Name 


Data Type 

Learning Outcome 

Qualification Level 

Replaced by Qualification Level String which allows for non-integer Qualification Levels 


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