Release 4.64 - 14th November 2023

Activity Management - Editing Published Programmes

You can edit activities within a published standard apprenticeship programme in the following way:

  • Edit manually added activities
  • Edit library activities' target start/end dates, any other changes to Library activities must be done in the Activity Library
  • Delete manually added or library activities from the programme
  • Add new manual and library activities to the programme
  • Map and adjust activity mapping to KSBs

Once you have made all your required changes, the programme will require approval from your programme manager. On republishing, those changes propagate to new and existing enrolments and to learning plans, following the business rules.

For more information on how to edit activities within a published standard apprenticeship programme, click here.


Activity Management Webinar: On Tuesday 14th November at 10am we are hosting a webinar to walk through the new functionality, you can register here.

Operations Dashboard

After the success of our new reporting style in our Standards Reports and Employer Reports, we have now brought the Operations Dashboard up to date with this added functionality in our new design.

No content within the report itself has changed, however, it now boasts:

  • A more streamlined look
  • Enhanced navigation between all pages
  • Standardised and additional slicers to interrogate your data. This includes our first roll out of date range slicers

For those of you not familiar with the new design, a short video is available below to help guide you through it:

Bug Fixes

We have fixed the following bugs:

Assessment Criteria

Assessment criteria were being incorrectly marked off in the learner progress record based on the assessment criteria that had been selected at programme build, ignoring what the trainer was selecting when marking an activity. This has now been resolved.

Resetting activity information during the edit flow

Changing any information during the edit flow, including the EPA Organisation, will no longer cause the activity data that was updated during the initial enrolment to be reset.

Missing 'employment' information in the ILR post-enrolment

The ILR will now correctly record all data relating to the learner's employment.

Cannot progress to the Skills Scan page during the enrolment

In some circumstances where users could not progress to the Skills Scan page, this has now been resolved.

Large programmes blocking enrolment

In the rare circumstances where particularly large programmes with lots of activities included were causing the enrolment to be blocked, this will no longer be the case.


Business Intelligence - Release on 16th November 2023 at 14:30

Standard Reports

A few small enhancements have been made to the Standard reports:

  • A bug whereby using the drill through function would keep a static filter on the data page has been resolved, now upon leaving the drill through pages, filters will return to normal so the full data can be examined
  • Apprentice[Learner Gender] has been added to the Ofsted reporting table
  • Some programmes in draft and in edit status’ were not pulling into the programme management tab, this has been resolved
  • BUDID has been added as a field throughout the datasets

Accountability Framework

Our logic to display 2 years of accountability framework over the cross-over period has been extended so you are able to access last year's data up to the end of December.

This is to give providers a chance, should they wish, to interrogate their R14 data ahead of it being removed.


Days on Break calculation has been adjusted in the following ways:

  • Now looks at the days between Break suspension date and return to learning (or withdrawal) date
  • The triggering month is the month the end of the break was processed

Data Warehouse Fields 

In this release, we have introduced the below new fields into the Data Warehouse


Table Name

Column Name


Data Type

Column is



BKSB Enabled

Is BKSB enabled for the programme

(0=No, 1=Yes)



We have also made adjustments to the skills scan table to not load rows from partially complete “not required” skills scans which it was doing incorrectly. Rows will only be loaded if all areas of the skills scan have been completed and it has been marked as required in the Progress Review.

As a reminder, the following field has been deprecated and will be removed in a future release.  Do not use it in new development and make plans to replace it with Qualification Level String, Learning Outcome[Qualification Level String] field.

Table Name Column Name Description Data Type
Learning Outcome Qualification Level Replaced by Qualification Level String which allows for non-integer Qualification Levels smallint

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