Release 4.65 - 12th December 2023

Training Plan document

We have updated the Training Plan document so that when users go through the enrolment edit flow, the latest version of the Training Plan will have updated activity information in Appendix A of the document. This will reflect the learner’s current learning plan, including:

  • New activities manually added to the learning plan
  • New activities added via the edit programmes functionality
  • Updating the activity status where an activity has been exempted from the learning plan

Also, users will now be able to generate a new Training Plan document with the latest activity information independently from the enrolment edit flow.

For further information on the Living Training Plan, click here.

For now, this functionality will be behind a feature switch so you can trial this in your test tenancies to agree your business processes. Please contact your Customer Success Manager about enabling the feature switch for Living Training Plan.

In January, we will remove the feature switch and this will become standard functionality.

Edit published programmes

When editing a published apprenticeship standard programme, an audit is created of the changes made. This audit lists activities that have been added, removed or edited. A log will also be recorded when the programme is republished.

We have also added a new field to capture the reason for editing a programme. After making edits to a published apprenticeship standard programme, you can enter the reason for making these changes ahead of requesting approval and republishing. This reason will be recorded in the programme audit log.

For further information on how to edit activities within a published standard apprenticeship programme, click here.

For further information on the propagation of edits made to a published programme, click here.

Tracking End-Point Assessment Components

We have provided the ability to track the state of assessment components in the End-Point Assessment page. This allows you to create assessments without them being booked, schedule them, and provide the meeting details. You will also then be able to either cancel it and provide a cancellation reason, or complete it and provide the result and grade.

For further information on EPA, click here.


We have upgraded our Cognassist integration. In time, we will decomission the old integration and move all providers onto the new one. If you are interested in using the new integration sooner and want some more information, please click here.

Bug Fixes

Since the last release, we have fixed the following bugs:

  • Skills Scans not loading on the application documents page.​
  • Changing the "lead generator" in enrolment was resetting the EPA Organisation.​
  • Duplication of activities on learning plans after going through the application edit flow and regenerating the training plan.​
  • The learning plan activity audit was misrepresenting changes made to a programme.​
  • Not being able to save programmes using activities from the Activity Library that included ALT tags. All edits to an activity from the Activity Library should take place in the Library, not programme build.
  • In EPA, where the Grade was sometimes prepopulated with 'Pass' but not letting the user save the record.​
  • The Apprenticeship standard codes have been patched with the latest available list and will be updated permanently in the release. This resolves an issues with failing ILRs in the DWH.​

Data Warehouse Release - Thursday 14th December @ 2:30pm

Operations Dashboard Metric Reports 

Three new metric reports have been added to the operational dashboards. These contain details of rolling values and processing times. The three reports we have added alongside relevant drill through data pages are:

Starts Metrics

  • 13 month rolling start numbers with details on their current status, programme type and levy status
  • Average application processing times to identify bottlenecks in the onboarding process
  • 13 month rolling processing times

Completion Metrics

  • 13 month rolling achiever numbers by programme type
  • Average completion processing times from entry to gateway to completion
  • 13 month rolling processing times

Withdrawal Metrics

  • 13 month rolling withdrawal numbers by programme type, levy type and zero-day leaver status
  • Average withdrawal processing times from withdrawal date to processing
  • 13 month rolling processing times

Finance Reports

Our first release of progress made on the finance reports will be published. This contains a new view projecting funding for the next academic year as well as our first clawback report identifying financial values from delayed processing of withdrawals.

Please note there may be a small discrepancy between the main release on the 12th December and the business intelligence release on the 14th while we sync these changes through.

Standard Reports

We have made a few adjustments to the Standard reports since our last release;

  • The Simple Achievement Rates report back into the suite alongside the Explore Withdrawals button. You'll find it in the Leavers section.
  • 'Sector' has been added to the choice of graph field pickers for a cleaner landing screen
  • Some additional slicers to the Application, In flight & Breaks and Leavers reports
  • A BKSB Enabled flag to the Programme Management report.

Benchmarking Reports

Breaks less that 30 days have been discounted from the “days on break” calculation to ensure short breaks and mis-processing does not skew the values. We have also changes the overall measure to determine average Training Provider Performance over “Highest performing”.

Data Warehouse Fields

In this release, we have introduced the below new fields into the Data Warehouse

Table Name

Column Name

Data Type




BKSB Enabled


Is BKSB enabled for the programme (0=No, 1=Yes)


As a reminder, the following field has been deprecated and will be removed in a following release. Do not use in new development and make plans to replace with Qualification Level String, Learning Outcome[Qualification Level String] field.

Table Name 

Column Name 


Data Type 

Learning Outcome 

Qualification Level 

Replaced by Qualification Level String which allows for non-integer Qualification Levels 



Coming Soon

In January, we will be releasing our first iteration of the ILR Audits workstream. For further information on ILR Audits, please see the articles in the 'What's Coming Up' section of the Product Updates page.

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