Skills Scans Enhancements - March 2024

We're excited to share upcoming changes to Skills Scans in Bud. Here's a sneak peek at what's coming in the next few months.

This article was updated on 4th March 2024 to show the release dates for the first two items.

Progress reviews

We recognise that it can be time-consuming to update the entire Skills Scan in each review, so we will be persisting the previous scores from the last completed Skills Scan. This will allow you to keep the scores unchanged without having to re-score them and only edit the scores that need updating.

Released on Tuesday 20th February.

Move the Skills Scan and IA Discussion pages to earlier in the enrolment flow

We recognise that you may want access to the Skills Scan outcomes prior to updating the programme content and duration, so we will move the Skills Scan and Initial Discussion pages to the first part of the application, prior to the applicant signing the Applicant Summary document.

The IA Discussion information will continue to be displayed on the Training Plan document.

Released on Wednesday 6th March.

Include the Skills Scan in the applicant self-enrolment flow

In may be more beneficial for you if the applicant completes the Skills Scan themselves, prior to you reviewing it. We will include a feature switch that will allow you to include the Skills Scan in the applicant's self-enrolment.

As the Training Provider, you will maintain overall control of this page and you will be able to review and update the scores where necessary.

Expected release on 16th April.

Improve the UI, UX, and Accessibility

We will redesign the Skills Scan to improve the user experience, including making it more accessible. We believe that improving the user interface will help make the Skills Scan easier to understand and complete, for both applicants and training provider users.

Expected release for the first phase on 16th April with further enhancements to follow on 14th May.

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