Release 4.67 - 23rd January 2024

Cognassist Integration

We are thrilled to announce the expansion of our Cognassist integration, providing insights into applicants' assessments directly within Bud. Now, the results of a Cognassist assessment can be accessed conveniently in the following areas:

  • Application: the new Cognassist page
  • Application: the Applicant Summary document
  • Application: the Learning Support page & document
  • Learning Plan: the Learning Support page

If you haven't transitioned to the new integration, kindly reach out to your Customer Success Manager for assistance.

For more details, please refer to this article.

ILR Audits

Building upon the success of the ILR Audit functionality in the previous release, we have enriched the data points with a focus on employment record overrides. The following overrides have been added:

  • Override – Employment: Employment Status
  • Override – Employment: Employment record removed
  • Override – Employment: Employment record restored
  • Override – Employment: Employment record added

To enhance cross-referencing between the ILR Audit tile and the associated Employment record, a unique identifier value has been surfaced on each employment record.

For more details, please refer to this article.

EPA Enhancements

To close off the EPA initiative, we have our final piece of the puzzle, the Complete without Achievement Outcome. Our Knowledge Base articles have all been updated to reflect these enhancements. 

Complete without Achievement Outcome

Continuing from the last release, we've expanded EPA Outcome tracking in Bud to include the Completion without Achievement outcome. This enhancement is now available as an option in the popup.

For more details, please refer to this article.


In the first of our extensive enhancements to Buds Reviews, we have two new features that will simplify the management and administration of Reviews. We are then moving on to several other Review improvements which can be seen in our "What's Coming Up" articles.  


Gain insights into attendance trends by introducing the ability to cancel a scheduled Review, accompanied by a reason for cancellation. Look out for this information in the Datawarehouse and Standard reports in an upcoming release.

Change Employer Contact

Acknowledging changes in Employer Contacts during an 'In-Progress' Review, we've expanded functionality to allow adjustments to the Employer Contact mid-Review.

Bug Fixes

  • ACT "date to" set when entering EPA: Resolved an edge-case bug related to the population of the ACT "Date to" field during EPA entry.
  • Completion details reset following a change in circumstance: Addressed an issue where completion details were being reset after a change in circumstance and re-sign of the learning plan.
  • Activity Library banners: Fixed a bug involving two confirmation banners appearing when requesting approval for a new Activity library Activity.

Business Intelligence - Wednesday 24th @ 5 pm

Standard Reports

Added a new field for assessment status and cancellation reasons to the meetings and assessments data table, enhancing data visibility.

Streamlined user interaction with a dedicated slicer for assessment status.

Finance Reports

Functional Skill Payment Calculation

Aligned with ESFA guidance effective January 1, 2024, we've adjusted Functional Skill payment calculations as follows:

  • English Functional Skills: £724
  • Maths Functional Skills Level 1 & 2: £724
  • Maths Entry Level: £941

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved an issue where financial information for both this year and the next year was not populating correctly in Finance Reports.

Data Warehouse Fields

In this release, new fields have been introduced into the Data Warehouse, providing additional insights:


Table Name  Column Name  Description  Data Type  Length of Column  Column is Nullable  Change Type 
EPA Gateway  Compliance Rejection Comment  Compliance Rejection Comment  nvarchar  2000  Yes  New 
EPA Gateway  Compliance Rejection Reasons  Compliance Rejection Reasons  varchar  150  Yes  New 
EPA Gateway  EPA Coordinator  Name of the EPA Coordinator  varchar  100  Yes  New 
EPA Gateway  Gateway Checks Status*  Gateway Checks Status  varchar  35  No  (!) Increase in length of existing field 
EPA Gateway Audit Log  User Type*  IQA or Trainer  varchar  50  Yes  (!) Increase in length of existing field 

*ETL Customers: Possible Breaking Change

The column [User Type] in Presentation.EPA Gateway Audit Log has been modified from varchar(7) to varchar(50) to accommodate a new UserType - Compliance. Ensure your ETL pipelines are updated for uninterrupted data processing.

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