Release 4.68 - 6th February 2024


In this release our Reviews initiative will deliver the first stage of contributing to Reviews, the Employer Contribution.

This means an Employer and trainer can add comments to the Review, seven days before its scheduled start time and up until the Review is sent for the signatures.

For more information on Review contributions see this article.

For more information on our entire Reviews initiative, see our ‘What’s Coming Up’ article.

ILR Audits

We have continued to enhance our ILR Audit functionality and have added additional data points for you to audit. This release will see the following key data points added:

  • Business Process: Break In Learning Added
  • Business Process: Returned from Break In Learning
  • Business Process: Withdrawn from learning
  • Overrides: Learning Delivery - Financial details
  • Overrides: Learning Delivery - Funding and Monitoring
  • Overrides: Employment – Employment status and monitoring

In additional to the data points added in this release, we have also introduced a new filter option. The “Changed by” filter will allow you view audit records by the name of the logged in user who initiated the change. Please note, currently there may be rare occasions where the name of the user cannot be displayed, this is expected to be resolved imminently.

Bootcamp Category Codes

We made a very last-minute addition to the 4.67 release on the 23rd January 2024 which was not included in the release notes.

We have updated the available Bootcamp category codes to include all newly announced 2024 to 2026 category codes detailed in Annex B of this ESFA document.

These can now be used in new Bootcamp programme builds and will be reflected in the learner’s ILR record as a learning aim with the related “Z00” code as the learning aim reference.

Bug Fixes

We have fixed the following bugs:

  • Sometimes generating a new version of the Training Plan document was failing and getting stuck loading
  • The Learning Support page not loading for some users
  • Updated the EPA Failed messaging so it no longer refers to completing further learning
  • Updated the possible error messages when attempting to invite an applicant to complete the Cognassist assessment

Business Intelligence - Wednesday 7th @ 2:30pm

Benchmarking - OTJH Quotient

We have added a new report to our benchmarking suite to monitor your OTJ Quotient across your and other training providers.

This report utilises our usual reporting structure for benchmarking as well as introducing a box plot diagram to see the range of averages across all training providers.

Standard Report Application ID

We have added ApplicationID to our application reports in order to assist with bulk download actions.

Operations Dashboard

The front page of the Operations Dashboard has had a slight amendment to bring the three links to the metrics reports to the same format as the others.

Financial Reporting – Break Clawback

We are adding a new report in our financial reports to monitor break clawback amounts. This follows the same methodology as our withdrawal clawback report.

Please note, due to a data warehouse release we need to make before releasing this report, the page may not be available on the usual date and time however will follow shortly after.

Data Warehouse Fields

In this release we have added a new view EPA History which contains the below fields relating to EPA outcomes.

Table Name  Column Name  Description  Data Type  Length of Column  Column is Nullable 
EPA History  Dim_EPAHistory_SK  Primary (Surrogate) Key  int  NULL  No 
EPA History  DW_CreationDateTime  Date record created in Data Warehouse  datetime2  NULL  Yes 
EPA History  DW_LastModifiedDateTime  Date record last updated in Data Warehouse (if at all)  datetime2  NULL  Yes 
EPA History  End Date  Date of EPA outcome  date  NULL  Yes 
EPA History  EPA Outcome  EPA Outcome (Resit / Retake / Complete without achievement)  varchar  100  Yes 
EPA History  EPAHistoryId  Bud EPAHistoryId  uniqueidentifier  NULL  Yes 
EPA History  LearningPlanId  Bud LearningPlanId  uniqueidentifier  NULL  Yes 
EPA History  Start Date  Date the learner entered EPA for this attempt  date  NULL  Yes 
EPA History  TrainingProviderId  Bud TrainingProviderId  uniqueidentifier  NULL  Yes 

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