Release 4.69 - 20th February 2024


Following on from the last release where we added the capability for an Employer to contribute to a Review, we have now extended that functionality to allow a Learner to contribute early, too. 

Now, both Learners and Employers can contribute from 7 days before the scheduled Review date, up until the Review is sent for signatures by the Trainer. 

To see more information about the Learner contribution see this article

To see more information about the Reviews initiative, see our ‘What’s coming up’ article


Skills Scans

We have updated the Skills Scan in Progress Reviews so the previous scores from the last completed Skills Scan are already selected when starting a new Skills Scan in a Progress Review. This will make it quicker and easier to complete the Skills Scan during Reviews as you will only need to edit the score for the outcomes that have changed since the last Skills Scan was completed.

This will also apply for the first Review completed following enrolment. The scores entered at enrolment will already be selected on the Skills Scan during the first Review.

To see more information about the Reviews initiative, see our ‘What’s coming up’ article


ILR Audits

We are continuing to add data points to the ILR Audit functionality to provide a comprehensive picture of data changes to the ILR. This release adds overrides made to the following LLDD and Health problem fields:

  • LLLD and Health Problem: LLDD and Health Problem
  • LLLD and Health Problem: Primary LLDD and Health Problem


Bug Fixes

  • We have fixed an issue where a learner who completes EPA without achieving may have seen the completion status (CS) values on the Z00 aim change from CS = 2 to CS =1. Following this release, component aims will not be updated from the values that were present when a learner enters EPA.
  • Where historic Skills Scans for completed reviews were no longer showing, this has been fixed so that Skills Scans remain visible for all reviews.


Coming Soon

We would like to give you advanced notice of a couple of changes expected to be in the next release on Wednesday 6th March. Please note that the deployment of these items is subject to testing and may be delayed if necessary.


Skills Scan – Enrolment

We will are repositioning the Skills Scan during the enrolment flow. It will be shown in the first section of the application, under the ‘Additional Details’ section. This will help to ensure that the Skills Scan is completed prior to setting the programme dates or editing the programme qualifications, giving you earlier visibility of an applicant’s eligibility.

Where you have the Skills Scan feature switch enabled for your enrolment process, it will be mandatory to complete the Skills Scan before progressing to the Applicant Summary document. The same will apply for the Initial Assessment Discussion page.

If applicants have already signed the Applicant Summary document but the Skills Scan and/or Initial Assessment Discussion pages are incomplete when the pages move, you will be required to complete them before progressing the application, but the signature on the Applicant Summary document will remain on the document, unaffected.


Minimum off-the-job hour calculation

We are also updating the minimum OTJH calculation in the enrolment and edit flows. These changes will align the calculation used in Bud to the one used in the ESFA’s Training Plan Template 23_24 V.1.0 ensuring exact parity for audit purposes.

To explain the specific details of the changes made and their potential impact a knowledgebase article will be made available ahead of the release date.


Business Intelligence - Wednesday 21st @ 2:45pm

Bug Fixes

There was an issue with the ILR Reconciliation, Learning Support report. It wasn't showing the 'ILR Date From' field from the ILR, but this has now been fixed.


We have also fixed a bug within our finance reporting which was inflating the financial amount in the visual element of the report and causing a discrepancy against the csv. These values will reconcile from the data refresh Thursday Morning.


Data Warehouse Fields

In this release we have added the below fields relating to Progress Reviews

Table Name Column Name Description Data Type Length of Column
Progress Review Cancelled Comments Comments added about cancellation varchar 255
Progress Review Cancelled DateTime Date and Time Progress Review was cancelled datetime2  
Progress Review Cancelled Reason Code Reason for cancellation (code) int  
Progress Review Cancelled Reason Desc Reason for cancellation (description) varchar 500

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