Release 4.70 - 6th March 2024

Skill Scans

We have repositioned the Skills Scan during the enrolment flow. It will now be shown in the first section of the application, under the ‘Additional Details’ section.

Skills Scan in Enrolment.png

This will help to ensure that the Skills Scan is completed prior to setting the programme dates or editing the programme qualifications, giving you earlier visibility of an applicant’s eligibility.

Where you have the Skills Scan feature switch enabled for your enrolment process, it will be mandatory to complete the Skills Scan before progressing to the Applicant Summary document.

If applicants have already signed the Applicant Summary document but the Skills Scan is incomplete when the page moves, you will be required to complete the Skills Scan before progressing the application, but the signature on the Applicant Summary document will remain on the document, unaffected.

Please note that you will be required to select a programme before the Skills Scan section will be available to view. A warning that the programme has not been selected will be displayed on the page.

Initial Assessment Discussion Page

We originally planned to move the Initial Assessment Discussion page to first part of the application along with the Skills Scan. However, following your feedback since the last release notes, we have decided to leave that page where it currently is in the enrolment flow: following the programme dates page.


ILR Audits

We are continuing to add data points to the ILR Audit functionality to provide a comprehensive picture of data changes to the ILR. This release adds changes made to the ILR relating to End-Point Assessment. This includes the following EPA outcomes:

  • EPA – Achieved
  • EPA – Gateway Completed
  • EPA - Failed

We have also added ILR audit tracking of:

  •  Programme Aim – Completed

For more information on how we use unique identifiers in the ILR Audit then please refer to this link.

ILR Audits Filters

This release sees the introduction of the final ILR Audit filter option. We have added a date range filter to enable you to further refine the ILR audit entries that are displayed.


The date filters have been configured as follows:

  • From – This will allow you to pick any date from the earliest recorded ILR Audit entry for this learner
  • To – This will allow you to pick any date up to the current date

If no filter is applied, then all entries will be shown.


Minimum off-the-job-hours calculation

Following the release of the ESFA’s Training Plan Template 23_24 Rules V1 we have made modifications to our existing min-OTJH calculation in enrolment to ensure that the output precisely matches the ESFA’s calculations used on Tab 4 of the template Training Plan. The publication of this document has provided clarity regarding the precise calculation the ESFA uses, and the rounding applied to input and output values which was previously not publicised.

New Enrolments: The updated calculation will automatically be used on any Apprenticeship enrolment started after the release date of 6th March 2024.

“In progress” enrolments: Where an enrolment was started prior to 6th March 2024, but not completed until after this date then selecting the “re-calculate OTJH” option will ensure that the latest calculation is applied to the values produced and documented.

Enrolments completed before the 6th March 2024 (OPTIONAL): Should you wish to recalculate the min-OTJH value for a learner who has already enrolled, then this can be achieved by entering the enrolment edit-flow and clicking the “re-calculate OTJH” option. If you subsequently regenerate the enrolment documents, then these should update to reflect the change applied.

For more information on how Bud calculates the minimum OTJH value please see this link.


Bug Fixes

In this release, we have fixed the following bugs:

  • Email templates previously stating "Commitment Statement" have been updated to state "Training Plan."
  • In some rare circumstances, activities were deleted from the learning plan following an update to the programme.

Between this release and the previous on on 20th February, we had an interim release to to fix issues with Progress Reviews. This was to ensure that Reviews could be completed and to extend the character limit in the comments in Reviews from 500 to 1,000.


Business Intelligence - Thursday 7th @ 2:30pm

Data Warehouse Fields

In this release we have added a new view called Presentation_Cognassist which contains all fields relating to the new cognassist integration function.

Table Name Column Name Description Data Type Length of Column Column is Nullable
Cognassist ApplicationCognassistStatusId Bud internal record ID uniqueidentifier   Yes
Cognassist ApprenticeId Bud Apprentice ID uniqueidentifier   No
Cognassist Assessment Completed DateTime Date and time assessment was completed in Cognassist datetime2   Yes
Cognassist Assessment Invite Success Date Assessment Invite Success Date date   Yes
Cognassist Cognassist Error Status Cognassist Error Status Description varchar 50 Yes
Cognassist Cognassist Error Status Code Cognassist Error Status Code int   Yes
Cognassist Cognassist Status Cognassist Status Description varchar 50 Yes
Cognassist Cognassist Status Code Cognassist Status Code int   Yes
Cognassist CognassistId Bud internal Cognassist Application ID uniqueidentifier   Yes
Cognassist CreationDateTime Creation date and time in Bud datetime2   Yes
Cognassist Dim_Apprentice_SK Bud Apprentice Surrogate Key int   No
Cognassist Dim_Cognassist_SK Bud Cognassist Surrogate Key int   No
Cognassist DW_CreationDateTime Creation date and time in Data Warehouse datetime2   No
Cognassist DW_LastModifiedDateTime Last modified date and time in Data Warehouse datetime2   Yes
Cognassist Executive Function Cognassist Result: Executive Function varchar 50 Yes
Cognassist LastModifiedDateTime Last modified date and time in Bud datetime2   Yes
Cognassist Literacy Cognassist Result: Literacy varchar 50 Yes
Cognassist Non-Verbal Memory Cognassist Result: Non-Verbal Memory varchar 50 Yes
Cognassist Numeracy Cognassist Result: Numeracy varchar 50 Yes
Cognassist Reading Decoding Cognassist Result: Reading Decoding varchar 50 Yes
Cognassist TrainingProviderId Bud Training Provider ID uniqueidentifier   No
Cognassist Verbal Memory Cognassist Result: Verbal Memory varchar 50 Yes
Cognassist Verbal Reasoning Cognassist Result: Verbal Reasoning varchar 50 Yes
Cognassist Visual Information Processing Speed Cognassist Result: Visual Information Processing Speed varchar 50 Yes
Cognassist Visual Perception Cognassist Result: Visual Perception varchar 50 Yes

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