Power BI - What to do when Logging into Power BI Desktop Reports


This article outlines the steps to follow when logging into the Power BI desktop: 

1. Double-click the Power BI template file (e.g. Bud Reports v3.0.pbit) that you have been supplied with.

2. If asked which application to open the file with, select Power BI Desktop.

3. You will be presented with the SQL Server database login screen.  Select the Database option on the left, and enter the user name and password you have received via SharePoint link:

4. Please note that as a security measure, you will only be able to log in from an IP address previously advised to Bud.  This will usually be your office location

Please contact Bud Support if you need to add a new permanent location to the whitelist.

5. The Refresh screen will then appear, showing progress of the refresh of each table:


6. The full refresh will take up to a couple of minutes to complete.

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