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Once you have sampled all the learning outcomes that you want to, you can complete the sample, and build the sample report. Completing the sample consists of a number of steps:

  1. Generate the sample report
  2. The trainer reviews feedback and performs any actions
  3. IQA reviews & completes the sample 

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User Roles

  • Trainer 
  • IQA 

How to: Complete a Sample 

The video below shows how to access the relevant area within Bud to complete a sample. More detailed instructions are provided beneath the video: 

1. Generate Sample Report 

Once the learning outcomes have been sampled the IQA can create the report, by selecting 'Finish & Build Report'. If there are any learning outcomes that haven't been sampled you'll be presented with a warning, which you can progress through. You'll then be able to add additional feedback and provide an overall rating for this Sample. Additionally, you can upload any files that you may want.

At this point, the sample report will be built, which will detail:

  • A summary of all the units, learning outcomes and activity types sampled 
  • The rating of the trainer
  • Any attachments and general comments added when the Sample Report was generated


2. Reviewing Feedback

Once the sample report has been built the primary trainer will receive a notification on their dashboard, telling them that a sample report is available for review. They will be able to access the report and view all of the learning outcomes that were sampled. 

By expanding each learning outcome, they can see which specific activities were sampled, and can read any feedback entered by the IQA and actions they may need to take:


If required, the IQA or trainer can add notes to the sample report. This could be used by the trainer to detail when they have completed some actions, for example.  

3. IQA Reviews and Completes

Once the trainer has reviewed the sample report and performed any actions they need to, they can confirm that everything has been carried out. This will generate an alert to the assigned IQA on their dashboard, who can review the actions performed by the trainer, to ensure they have been completed. If they have, the IQA can complete the sample. When completing the sample, they can add final comments, which will be recorded on the report. 

Once the sample has been completed it will show in the 'Completed Samples' section and the process will be complete.

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