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Conducting a sample is the main step in the IQA process, where you can review all the learning outcomes and activities that a trainer has undertaken with a learner. You will be able to tick off that you've sampled individual activities and provide feedback at the learning outcome level. 

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How to: Conduct the Sample

The video below shows how to access the relevant area within Bud to conduct a sample. More detailed instructions are also shown beneath the video: 

Once you've selected the learning outcomes you want to sample, select 'Conduct Your Sample' and accept the warning. Please note that once the sample is selected we'll take a snapshot of the status of all the learning outcomes, criteria and activities. This enables you to see exactly where the learner was when the sample was selected. Bud recommends selecting and starting the sample as close together as possible to ensure that you have the most accurate insight into what the learner has completed. 

You'll then be taken to the 'Conduct Sample' page, which is split into two columns. Initially, only the left-hand column will be displayed. Here you will see all the learning outcomes that you've chosen to sample. Once you select a learning outcome from the drop-down, details of all the criteria and activities will also be displayed.

Sampling an activity: 

Once you click on an activity, details of the activity will then be displayed in the right-hand column as shown below:


For each activity, you'll see who the trainer was, what the instructions to the trainer were and then any interaction between the trainer and learner, including any submissions. 

Once you have reviewed the activity you can mark it as sampled, which will be displayed against the learning outcome. Note that if the activity appears against multiple learning outcomes, it will only show as sampled on the selected learning outcome:


Sampling a learning outcome

Once you've begun to sample activities you'll want to provide some feedback for the trainer on the learning outcome. This can be done via the text entry box at the bottom of each learning outcome. As this uses the rich text editor, you can format your text however you like and can provide a list of actions for the trainer, if they are required. 

Anything you write here will then be displayed in the sample report at the end of the sampling process:


Once you've added some feedback you can mark the learning outcome as either sampled or unable to sample. This will then:

  • Make the learning outcome read-only
  • Add details to the sample report
  • Tick the learning outcome off from the sample list. 

In this way, you can work through all of the learning outcomes that you wanted to sample, providing feedback on each one. 

Once you are happy that you've sampled sufficient learning outcomes you can 'Complete the Sample'. 

Note – it is possible to edit the 'Planned Learning Outcomes', by selecting edit.  This will enable you to add additional learning outcomes to the sample.  The previously selected learning outcomes will remain and where you are unable to sample them, please indicate as above.

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