How Cognassist Integrates with Bud

Integrating with Cognassist

The integration between Bud and Cognassist allows an apprenticeship applicant to be invited to complete the Cognassist assessment and automatically retrieve and display the results of the assessment in Bud.

The Cognassist integration is only available for premium customers.

December 2023 Update

We have upgraded our integration with Cognassist, enabling us to use their latest technology and enhance the experience in Bud.

From 12th December, premium customers can use the new Cognassist integration. The old integration will remain active for a short while to help with the transition.

In order to use the new integration, you will need to provide Bud with your credentials. Request your client ID and secret from Cognassist. Once you have this information, please contact with your new credentials and ask them to enable the new integration.

This process will involve disabling the current feature switch you are using for Cognassist. This means that any in-progress applications created before the new feature switch was enabled will not see the new Cognassist page in the application. This page will only be shown to new applicants created after the new feature switch was enabled.

Once enabled, you will be able to manually invite new applicants to complete the Cognassist assessment. This will register the applicant with Cognassist and trigger the invite from Cognassist to complete the assessment.

You will be able to track the status of the Cognassist registration and invite on the Cognassist section of the application.

Please note that even when you have enabled the Cognassist feature switch, completion of the Cognassist page will be optional, so applications will not be blocked if the applicants are not invited to complete the assessment. This gives you the ability to decide which applicants you do or do not want to register with Cognassist.

January 2024 Update

We have extended our integration with Cognassist so that we are now able to display the Cognassist assessment results in Bud.

Once the applicant has completed the assessment in Cognassist, Bud will retrieve the results. Training provider users will be able to see that the results have been retrieved as a notification will be shown on the Cognassist page in the application, like below:

In the Cognassist page, the results are displayed in a table with each of the domains shown in three possible columns:

  • Support Recommended
  • Support Not Recommended
  • Undetermined

Example results table:

Where domains are listed as ‘Undetermined’, please refer to Cognassist report for further information.

If no domains are matched as ‘Undetermined’, that column will not show in the results table.

To mark the Cognassist page of the application as complete, a training provider user must select the checkbox confirming that the results have been reviewed and discussed with the learner.

The results table will also be shown in the following places in Bud:

  • The Application Summary document in the application
  • The Learning Support page and document in the application
  • The Learning Support page and plan in the learning plan

Please note that while it is not mandatory to complete Cognassist to progress the application, if the application progresses before the assessment has been completed, then the above sections will show the Cognassist section with the message ‘No Cognassist information’.

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