Using the Service Message Feature


Bud has a service message feature which enables the system administrator to post a message to all learners when they log in. 

Please note that to become a system administrator please speak with your account manager to grant you these permissions. 

User Roles  

  • System Administrators   

How to: Use the Service Message 

  • Navigate to the ‘Admin' section of Bud.
  • Click on user management
  • Click on the 'Update Service Message' button on the right-hand side
  • This will display a popup where you can add the title and body of the message (both fields must be populated). When adding the body you can use bold, italics, and add links to external sites:



Why would you use the Service Message? 

  • Carry out a learner survey.
  • Safeguarding message. 
  • Generic message around what is happening in your organisation. 

Updating or Removing a Service Message

Once you've added a service message you can update it, or remove it, by going to:

  • Navigate to the ‘Admin' section of Bud and click on user management
  • Click on the 'Update Service Message'
  • You'll be presented with the same popup as above.
    • To update the message just change the text and then 'Save & Close'.
    • To remove the message select 'Clear Service Message'. 

Learner View

When a learner logs into Bud and selects their learning plan, if you have added a service message, this will be displayed at the top of the page:




If there are links present, when clicked on these will open in a new tab. If there isn't a service message then the page will continue to be presented as it currently is, without the service message panel. 

Bud Recommends

Please note that the service message applies to all learners by design. At this stage, it is not currently possible to send bespoke messages to defined programmes or learners.

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