Compliance Checks - Edit an application for 'signed up' or 'complete' Learner


This article will provide an overview of the process to edit applications that are in a status of signed-up or complete.

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User Role

  • Compliance Administrator 

How to: Edit applications that are signed up or complete

If at any point during the learner’s programme, you need to edit their application documents, you can do so by searching for the individual via the applications tab on the primary navigation bar and navigating to their current agreements as shown below:

Once in the edit application area, you will be asked at what stage you are making this edit and will need to select one of the following options: 

  • As part of the applicant sign-up 
  • A change of circumstances for the learner whilst on programme

You will then need to select a reason why you are making the edit. The table below outlines the options that are available depending on which stage is selected:

As part of the applicant sign-up

A change of circumstances for the learner whilst on programme

  • Programme details
  • Learner personal details
  • Employment details
  • Prior qualifications
  • Identification verification
  • Support & access requirements
  • Documents and signatures
  • Programme dates
  • Evidence of learning start
  • Other 


  • Change of personal details
  • Change of additional support needs
  • Change of qualification information
  • Change of weekly working hours
  • Change of off the job hours
  • Change of employment details
  • Other 



There is also an additional section to make any comments.

Please note the warning around recollecting signatures and carrying out the compliance again once edits have been made: 


Edit Flow.png

When you have amended the details you need to amend, you will be stepped through each step of the application process again to recollect signatures, ensuring the documents, learning plan and ILR all match up.

Please note a change in start or end date will not automatically update in the ILR. 



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