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This article will guide you through the next step in building the training plan (previously commitment statement) setting the start date and working hours. 

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How to: Configure Start Date and Working Hours 

Below shows where the start date and duration of the apprenticeship are configured:



By default the start date will be set as the current date, however, this can be amended to any date, both in the future and in the past.

Once the number of working hours and minutes is entered the programme duration and the expected end date will automatically be calculated. The programme duration can be amended if required which will lead to a recalculation of the expected end date. ​

If the programme is a Standard you will also have to enter the EPA Duration. You can set this to any value but you will be prompted to add a value greater than one week (the ESFA minimum). Once this information has been entered we will calculate:

  • The End of Practical Period - How long the learner is going to be learning, calculated as the Start Date + Programme Duration
  • The EPA Gateway Date - When EPA Gateway should take place, which will be the same as the End of the Practical Period
  • The Apprenticeship End Date - When the learner is due to complete the apprenticeship. For an Apprenticeship Standard, this will be the End of the Practical Period + EPA Duration. For an Apprenticeship Framework, this will be the end of the Practical Period. 

This information is used to configure the initial start and end dates of each activity for the programme, based on what has been configured for the programme. 

Bud Recommends

Please note none of these fields (apart from the start date) can be edited post enrolment so ensure the data is correct before signing up the learner.


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