Caseload Management - How do I Transfer Applicants and Learners to other Trainers?



Follow the steps below to transfer applicants and learners to other trainers. 

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User Roles:

This feature can be used by the following user roles:

  • Operations Managers 

How to: Transfer Applicants and Learners to other Trainers

Firstly, ensure the trainer is mapped to you as the ops manager. If you do not have the trainer mapped to you, speak to your 'System Admin' who can perform this for you. The mapping can be removed straight after the transfer if desired. Then complete the following: 


  1. Access the 'Caseload' tab. This will show you any trainer who is mapped to you. 
  2. Find the trainer you want to move an applicant/learner from.
  3. Click learners or applicants. This will show you a list.
  4. Click 'Reassign Learners' 
  5. Select the learners you wish to move by ticking the box. Note you can do this individually or in bulk.
  6. Select the trainer they are transferring to. Note this will only show you those trainers mapped to you as an ops manager.
  7. Click, 'Assign'. Allow a few minutes for the change to complete.

Bud Recommends:

  • Sending an email/notification to the trainers involved to confirm the transfer has happened.
  • Removing trainers mapped to you that are not in your team, straight after a transfer. This will avoid them from showing up in your direct reports.
  • Please note you cannot transfer learners that are in a status of withdrawn or completed.  


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