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To get the most out of your tenancy you will need to have BKSB integration enabled. This article will guide you through this process however, if you require any further help with setting up the BKSB integration within your tenancy, please speak with your account manager to support you.

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How to: BKSB Integration

You will first need to set up an account with BKSB (if you do not already have one) and provide us with some information to help us integrate the two systems.

What information does Bud need from you to set up the BKSB integration?

Please email your account manager or with the following:

  • Access Key ID
  • Secret Access Key

How can I find this info?

Your Access Key ID and Secret Access Key can be found when you log into BKSB as an administrator:

  1. Go to Admin options (on the side navigation bar)
  2. API Access Keys
  3. Configure access keys


On this page, please move everything underneath Permissions to ‘allow’ if not already done


Do I need to set up every learner with a BKSB account?

No. If you follow the process in Bud, when the learner completes their Initial Assessments (IA's), Bud will create an account for them meaning you do not have to create a separate one in BKSB. Try to avoid setting up an account in both BKSB and Bud, as this can sometimes cause duplication issues meaning results don’t pull through as expected.

What if a learner already has an account with BKSB?

If the same email address is used when they enrol with Bud, the learner’s results should pull through automatically to their account. For merge issues with BKSB accounts, Operation Managers and Compliance admins can refresh the account to resolve the issue using the 'REFRESH BKSB RESULTS' button.

Note: Whilst previous Initial Assessments can be used, we would suggest you consider the validity of the results in relation to how long ago the assessment was taken. Assessments older than 6 months should be retaken.

Using BKSB at Programme Design

When creating a programme in Bud, you have the option to include BKSB initial assessments. If you click to include these assessments, any learner enrolled on the programme will receive an invitation to complete their initial assessments as part of sign-up. Please note, that if the BKSB initial assessments are not ticked as part of the programme design, the learner will not get invited to complete assessments.

  • To add BKSB to a programme: 
  1. Navigate to the ‘Functional Skills’ tab within your chosen programme. Note - the programme will need to be in ‘Draft’ format to include BKSB


  1. Scroll down to the ‘Initial Assessment’ header. Here you have the option to tick which BKSB initial assessments you want to include within the programme. Note – you will most likely need to select the ‘reforms’ option rather than ‘legacy’. If you are migrating existing learners you may need to select legacy, please discuss this with your account manager if you think this applies to you.


  1. Click ‘save’ at the bottom of the page.

Once the programme has been published, you can begin enrolling learners on it. Now that you have selected the BKSB option, every learner enrolled onto it will receive an email inviting them to complete the initial assessments you chose. The article ‘BKSB at enrolment’ will give you more information on this.

Using BKSB at Enrolment

If a programme has BKSB initial assessments included, every learner signed onto it will be required to complete the assessments as part of their enrolment.

  • When does the learner get invited to complete their IA?

When you have completed the 'Basic Personal Details' page of the enrolment and selected a programme with BKSB enabled, the learner will receive an email notifying them of the time/place/location of their signup meeting. Alongside this, they will receive a separate email inviting them to complete their initial assessments, with a link to BKSB. In order for them to complete the signup process, the learner will need to complete all IAs required.

  • How do I know if my learner has completed their IA?

When adding the learner’s additional details into Bud, you will see a tab titled ‘Functional skills initial assessments’:


If this tab doesn’t have a green tick in it like the other tabs in the image above, the learner has not yet completed their assessments. As soon as they do, the results will pull back into Bud and the section will show as complete:


Please note – you cannot move to the next stage of sign up until this section has been completed.




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