Learning Plan - Messages and Submissions - How to Delete a Submission



This article outlines how a learner is able to delete a submission. 

User Roles:

  • Trainer
  • Ops Manager
  • Compliance Administrator 
  • Learner

How to: Delete a Submission

If a learner submits work against an activity in error, they can delete it by clicking view against the activity and selecting delete submission. An Ops Manager can also delete a learner’s submission prior to marking it. (The learner's Trainer must be mapped to the Ops Manager) 


Please note:

  • Once work has been marked, neither a learner nor their trainer can delete it.
  • A user with Compliance Administrator permissions can also delete files from a submission. When you view the submission you'll see the delete icon next to the file. Select this, accept the warning and the file will be deleted
  • Once you delete the file Bud cannot recover it, and this won't impact the submission. 

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