FAQs - Learners who do not meet the OTJH requirement at enrolment


It is the provider's responsibility to have a curriculum in place that will meet or exceed the required amount of planned OTJH for every learner. If, when you go through the enrolment process, the planned hours are less than the minimum required - do not progress.

How to: Learners who do not meet the OTJH requirement at enrolment 

Bud recommends two options in this circumstance: 

  1. RECOMMENDED OPTION - If you discover a learner does not have enough OTJH, speak to your curriculum team and request to clone the programme, upcycle with additional OTJH (either by adding to existing activities or creating new ones), and continue with the sign up on the new programme.
  2. Alternative option - continue with sign up knowing that you will need to do the following:
  • Add a new training plan (formerly commitment statement) and apprenticeship agreement to show how you plan to meet the planned OTJH
  • Amend the ILR to meet the minimum/match the application documents
  • Add new activities as the learner progresses through the programme to make up the deficit 

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