Providing Access to Bud for External Audit


There will be occasions when external organisations will want to have access to Bud to allow them to view a subset of your learners in order to audit/review certain aspects of your delivery.

User Role

  • User Administrator

How to: Access for External Audit 

Suggested Steps

To allow an external user to have access to your learners Bud suggests you:

  • Create a user account, with a known email address and password (ensure you have access to the email account)
  • Allocate the trainer permission only to the account

To ensure the external user can only see the learners they require to see:

  • Move the learners from your current trainer to the account created above

Once the audit has taken place:

  • Return the learners back to their original trainer
  • Remove all permissions from the ‘known account’ ensuring should anyone attempt to log in with the credentials they will not have access to the platform.

Good practice would be to change the password regularly using the ‘forgot password’ functionality at the login screen.

Bud Recommends

If the external user has requested to see a learner which is withdrawn or completed, Bud suggests using a screen share session to enable the auditor to view that learner's data.

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