Programme Configuration - Enabling BKSB at programme design


Where a client uses BKSB for initial assessment, it is possible to integrate with Bud – to allow the Bud platform to set up the learners' BKSB account and pull back their initial assessment results. These steps are completed at applicant enrolment, however for the integration to be activated, this needs to have been enabled in the programme on which the learner is enrolling. This article will show you how to enable BKSB in programme design.

User Roles

  • Programme Contributor
  • Programme Manager

How to: Enable BKSB

Firstly ensure Bud has received the required BKSB credentials. To then activate BKSB for a specific programme watch the short video below:

This will switch on BKSB assessments for all learners, who become enrolled in this programme of study, once the programme is published.

  • Please note – Once BKSB is enabled, it will not be possible to enrol a learner on to a programme if the learner has not completed their Initial Assessments.
  • Please note - Only English and Maths Initial Assessments are integrated with the Bud platform

Bud Recommends

Should you wish to make another version of this programme without BKSB enabled, simply clone the published programme and untick the english / maths boxes.

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