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As part of the apprenticeship enrolment process, you can select if a learner is a 'Restart learner' if they have previously withdrawn from learning.  Following this process will allow you to capture the same information as the standard application workflow, but no minimum duration for a programme is applied (meaning you can put learners onto a programme with a duration of less than 12 months). 

Please note although there is no 12 month minimum duration validation, you will need to enrol learners on a programme with at least one month duration left.

User roles

  • Trainer
  • Operations Manager
  • Compliance Administrator

How to: Restart Apprenticeship Learners

  • When adding a new applicant, select 'Restart ' when asked for the type of application
  • Step through the rest of the applicant journey as you would normally
  • When it comes to entering the dates and duration (Step 2) you will notice Bud doesn't automatically calculate the duration as with a standard applicant
  • Enter the duration (the time learner has left on the programme)
  • Complete the application workflow

A Restart icon is displayed during application and in the learner's learning plan so you can easily identify restarted learners.

When the learner is enrolled the restart indicators (RES) will be automatically populated on their ILR record, providing the table has not been previously manually overridden. 

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