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When the training provider requests your signature, you will receive an email asking you to log into Bud, review the document, and sign it. When Bud sends you this notification that there are documents awaiting your signature, it is possible to complete the signing process remotely, through your employer portal.  

User Role 

  • Employer Contact 

How to: Sign a Document 

When logging into Bud, if you have a document to sign you will see a list of your unsigned documents on your dashboard:  



Documents will have to be signed in the order of:  

  1. Application Summary 
  2. Apprenticeship Agreement 
  3. Training Plan (formerly Commitment Statement)
  4. Application Funding 

Until the first document has been signed, the following ones will be locked to ensure they are signed in chronological order. You can, however, still view the documents without signing them. 

In order to sign a document, click on the ‘Sign’ button, view the document and sign at the bottom of the page using a touchpad or your mouse: 


Once a document has been signed by all participants it will automatically be completed. Similarly, once all documents are completed for an application the applicant’s status will update to 'Signed Up' and the record will move from your list of applicants to your list of learners.

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