Your Employer Dashboard


When you log in to your Employer Portal, it will take you to your dashboard. Here you will find information such as the employer site(s) you are listed under, where applicable, any documents awaiting your signature, and the list of applicants who you are the employer contact for. 

User Roles

  • Employer Contacts 

How to: Navigate the Employer Dashboard  

If you have any documents pending signatures, these will be presented at the top of the page. When you click a document, you will be able to view the document and add your signature on your chosen device.  

Please note, that if you have multiple documents to sign, Bud will present them in chronological order, so you can sign in them in the correct sequence. 

Underneath your documents, you will also see an overview of any applicants currently going through the enrolment process. The applicant’s name, programme, employer, and enrolment status will be shown in your list.


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