Multiple Roles


There may be a time may when you want to use the same email address for multiple accounts. For example, if you are completing multiple programmes, or have multiple roles (e.g. Learner/Employer) it is possible to log in to your portal using one single email. 

User Roles

  • Learner
  • Employer

How to: Have Multiple Roles

If you are a dual user and are completing a programme as a learner whilst also having a login as an internal user, it is possible to use the same e-mail address.

Upon logging in, the system will show you the below image for you to choose which Profile you log in as:



Accessing different programmes 

As a learner, it is also possible to use the same e-mail address for different programmes. Upon logging in, the system will list the programmes you are registered on. Click 'continue learning' to access the programme you wish to view:

learning programme.PNG




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