Applicant Management - Training Plan Build


The following video forms part of Bud's Client Education webinar series and covers how to building the Training Plan following either an applicant self-registration or a provider lead registration

Short on time? The video index below highlights where key features/functionality are covered. 

Feature/functionality Time (min:sec)
How to complete the applicant summary and start building the training plan 02:30
How to complete step 1 - set learning plan exemptions 05:55
How to complete step 2 - set programme start date 08:03
How to complete step 3 - complete a skills scan (please note an RPL discussion also takes place within this step after the skills scan) 10:30
How to complete step 4 - review programme activities 12:10
How to complete step 5 - additional learning support 15:44
How to complete step 6 - privacy 19:00
How to complete the apprenticeship agreement 19:35
How to complete the Training Plan (previously commitment statement)  20:55
How to complete applicant funding


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