Release 4.28 - 22nd February 2022


General Notes

We continue to work on some larger developments such as Group Learning & Delivery and Other Skills & Training, which will be released when the features are matching our Minimal Viable Product level, so please bear with us if the releases seem a little light.




We have refined the ILR logic for the Small Employer Waiver (ILR: SEM1) code to take into account the learner's employer size, age at start of programme and EHCP status when making the decision to apply the code. 

We have made changes to the Length of Employment (ILR: LOE) code logic to more accurately define a learner's LOE at the start of their Apprenticeship programme. The LOE will now be calculated and applied when the learning start date is confirmed. Additional validation messages have been applied to provide clear guidance where employment start dates and Apprenticeship start dates may not be in line with funding rules. We have also updated the Apprenticeship summary document and Employment overview sections to remove the "length of employment in months" figure, replacing it instead with the "Start date of employment" value. 


Bug Fixes

When re-assigning/un-assigning trainers with a large number of applicants/learners to different Operations Managers, caseload will update immediately. However, other services, such as Applicants, can take a few minutes to update. We have added a warning message to the inform the user that it will take a few minutes for the other services to update after re-assigning / un-assigning a large number of applicants / learners.

We have fixed the issue that some customers observed when a learner moved into EPA and the completion status of the "ZOO" aim was altered to match that of the "ZPROG" aim. The ZOO aim will now remain as completion status = 2 and Outcome = 1 as expected.

In some very specific circumstances the ACT code for a learner may have changed when an additional employment record was manually added on the same date. This has now been addressed and the ACT code will not change unless dictated by the status of the employer record.


Final reminder 

The following objects will be removed in the next release, scheduled for the 10th March 2022.








[Presentation].[Application Funding Details]

[Presentation].[Daily Learning Outcomes]

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