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This article will guide you through the steps you can take if you are unable to log in to Bud. 

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How to: Troubleshoot Login Issues 

  1. Check if your password is correct, if you are unsure or have forgotten it, try resetting your password.

  2. Check your email address is correct.

  3. Close your browser windows, and ensure you close all windows and tabs. Open a new browser window and try accessing Bud again.

  4. Check the date and time on your computer are correct as this can cause issues with certificate trust.

  5. Check you are using a supported browser and that it's up to date.

  6. Try using a different browser (i.e. if you're using Microsoft Edge, try Google Chrome).
    • If you don't have another browser installed, you can use a private or incognito version of your installed browser instead (click on the ellipsis/hamburger button at the top right-hand corner of your browser):

      If this works you should clear the cache and cookies on the original browser to resolve the issue.

  7. Try accessing Bud from another device, if the issues persist on a different device and you're sure your username and password are correct please contact us for further support.

Bud Recommends:

If your email address and password are correct, you should raise a support ticket.

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