ESFA Audit with Bud


If you are subject to an ESFA audit you may be asked to provide samples of different aspects of your delivery. The Bud team are always on hand to answer any questions you have about where to locate specific information. 

How to: Complete an ESFA Audit with Bud

Extracting information: 

There are multiple ways to approach extracting your data sets from Bud. 

  1. Grant the auditor access to your Bud platform: Assigning permissions is at your own discretion, depending on what samples the auditor is asking for, please contact a member of our team or use the article here for assistance. 
  2. Screenshot the requested information: Tools such as “GoFullPage” (a popular browser extension) can be very helpful. 
  3. Create SharePoint folders: In some instances, our customers have created SharePoint folders for the sampled learners and shared the link with their auditor. 

Sample sizes and uploading evidence 

Sample sizes will often depend on the size of your organisation and how many learners are in your provision. Smaller providers can sometimes simply email the requested samples directly to the auditor, others may be asked to upload samples to an external platform such as Huddle. 

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