Release 4.29 - 8th March 2022

General Notes

We continue to work on some larger developments such as Group Learning & Delivery and Other Skills & Training, which will be released when the features are matching our Minimal Viable Product level, so please bear with us if the releases seem a little light.



Changes have been made to improve the accuracy of Length of Employment logic within the system. The logic will now calculate the LOE from the "Employment start date" and the "programme start date".  As a result of the change of logic the enrolment workflow and Application Summary Document will now show "Employment start date" instead of "length of employment".  In addition, further validation rules have been implemented to ensure that Apprenticeship funding rules are adhered to with regards to employment records. 



Important Notice!

In order to ensure our customers are fully prepared for the forthcoming changes to the ILR Specification for 22/23 we have made the decision to develop the changes announced to date as early as possible (where feasible). Please ensure that you do not use these codes until permitted to do so by the ESFA documentation.


Deprecated codes (Deprecated from 1/8/22) - The following codes will be deprecated in the ILR from 1/8/22 and have therefore been marked as "Valid to 31st July 2022" by way of a pre-warning. 

  • HE - Mode of Study (ILR: MODESTUD)
  • Student Instance Identifier (ILR: NUMHUS)
  • Learner Contact Preferences
    • Preferred Method of Contact (ILR: PMC4, PMC5, PMC6)
    • Restricted Use Indicator (ILR: RUI6, RUI7)

Funding Model (Use from 1/8/22) - The following new funding model has been added to the "Funding Model" dropdown selection options.

  • Funding Model 37 (Skills Bootcamp)

Employment Status Monitoring (ESM) Code (Use from 1/8/22) The following ESM code has been added to the ESM type "OET" dropdown options.

  • OET 2 (Small or Medium Employer)


Employer Portal

As part of our ongoing commitment to enhance the functionality in the employer portal we have continued to develop new functionality in this area. We have enhanced the "learners" area of the employer portal to allow you to search for learners by several key values


We have also added status filtering functionality to further simplify the use of the portal for employer users. The filter list will also show how many learners are in each currently available status.


To further enhance usability the headings in the learner tab are now sortable by ascending or descending values



Data Warehouse - Thursday 10th March 2022

Disabilities Table 

Until now, the Disabilities table was mostly people's disabilities and had a few records for those who selected No or Prefer Not To Say. It will now have a row for most learning plans, so you can distinguish between No and Prefer Not To Say.
These extra rows will have a DisabilityId of -1. This column was previously unique, so if you were counting on it being unique, we suggest you use Dim_Apprentice_SK instead.

Deprecated fields

The following objects will be removed in this release. If you have previously published a report to PowerBI online then you may need to republish the reports should you get a refresh failure.








[Presentation].[Application Funding Details]

[Presentation].[Daily Learning Outcomes]


Bug Fixes

A fix has been added for OST applications where the trainer was re-assigned, and some application data was removed from the application. This relates specifically to the ‘total planned timetabled hours’ and information under the ‘Learner Preferences’ section of the ‘Programme details’ page.

We have fixed an issue for apprenticeship applicants completing self-registration. In some circumstances, the applicants were unable to upload a copy of their identification when completing an application due to the page freezing. This has now been fixed to ensure that applicants can upload the required evidence.

A fix was released for a brief issue with the ILR employment codes EII and LOE. This issue occurred as a result of changes made to the change of employer workflow which inadvertently removed these codes from ILRs with more than one employment status after enrolment.

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