Release 4.30 - 22nd March 2022

General Notes

We continue to work on some larger developments such as Group Learning & Delivery and Other Skills & Training, which will be released when the features are matching our Minimal Viable Product level, so please bear with us if the releases seem a little light.



LDM Code

We have added a new question in the Employment Details section of the Apprenticeship application process. Training Providers will now be asked "Are you delivering this apprenticeship to your own employee?". Selecting Yes from the options will then trigger the LearnDelFamType (LDM) and associated Monitoring Code (356 - Apprenticeship being delivered to own employees) to be added to all relevant aims in the ILR for that learner.


Missing ULN

To further improve the compliance processes within bud we have added a validation message to indicate were an enrolment has been completed or partially completed but the ULN field remains blank. A new warning message of "The Learner's ULN field is currently blank. This should be completed before submission of the ILR" so that administrators can clearly see this information has not been collected before the record reaches the ILR.

NB: This is a warning message only. The ULN remains an optional field during enrolment and therefore a blank field will not prevent the enrolment being completed. 



Remove Employment

We have made a visual improvement to the ILR employment details section. Where no employment record is present then the "Remove Employment" button will no longer be visible. Once a record has been added then the option to "Remove Employment" will still be visible. 


Bug Fixes

  • We have fixed a bug where in some situations the "restart Indicator" (RES1) was being removed from some aims where multiple break in learning (BIL) episodes were present. The restart indicator flag will now remain on all relevant aims regardless of number of BILs
  • A small bug has been fixed to correct a webpage error message in the Employer Contact Details page where the option "other" is selected for the question "This contact is responsible for....." AND the description entered is over 100 characters long. 
  • We have fixed a bug relating to dates entered during apprenticeship & OST applications. In some instances, the dates were saving as a day earlier than originally entered. This was affecting the Date of Birth, Learning Start Date, and Employment Start Date. This has now been fixed.
  • In some instances, the employer and/or BKSB details were not displaying on the Application Summary document for apprenticeship applications. This has now been fixed to ensure that all relevant data is displayed on the documents.
  • Some apprenticeship learners were experiencing a problem with text alignment on documents. This has now been fixed.


Bud Reporting - Coming Soon

We have been working on embedding our Standard Reports and Operations Dashboard within the Platform which will include All data as per our current .pbit file. 


To find out more about the functionality please join us for a webinar on March 31st for a full overview. Please register here

Data Warehouse - Thursday 24th March 2022

Table Name

Column Name


Data Type

Length of Column

Learning Plan

DAS Info Cohort Reference

DAS Info Cohort Reference



Learning Plan

DAS Info Status

DAS Info Status (Description)



Funding Actual Payments

Schedule Order

Order of the payment in the schedule



Learning Plan   


Additional Information  

Additional Information as annotated on the Personal Details tab                           



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