Release 4.36 - 12th July 2022


In this release, there are updates to Group Learning and Delivery, including an increase in group size and being able to exempt activities, and to the Learning Plan and ILR. In addition, there is also an update on the launch of finance reporting. 

Road Map Updates

Group Learning and Delivery

Increase Group Size: The maximum number of learners in a group has now been increased to 100 from 25

Operations Manager functionality: The Group Learning functionality has been added to Operations Managers, allowing them to perform the same actions as Trainers. They will be able to create groups that include learners associated with them or their trainers – where the trainer is the primary trainer. 

Exempting Activities: Activities can now be exempt from groups by replacing the set activity button with an actions button. This button now includes a dropdown allowing you to select “set” or “ exempt” activities once learners have been selected.  Activities can now be exempt at all statuses except “complete” and “confirmation pending”. 


Once “ exempt activity” is selected a pop up is displayed where the reason and comments for the exemption can be added. Any notes added here will be displayed against the activity for the individual's learning plan.


Automatic Removal of Learners:  

  • If a learner is assigned a new primary trainer they will be automatically removed from any of their original trainer's groups.
  • If an Operations Manager has a trainer removed as their subordinate any learners associated with the trainer will automatically be removed from the Operations Manager's groups. 

Learning Plan

Learning difficulties, disabilities or health problems are now displayed within the learner record:



In the run up to the end of the academic year, the focus of the ILR development team has been on ensuring the platform is ready for the change over period. However, work has been completed on re-aligning the logic of the automatic application of HNS and EEF codes in the ILR to ensure compliance with funding rules based on questions asked during the application process. These changes will apply to new learners enrolled following this release.

Business Intelligence

Finance Reports - coming soon.

We have been busy working on our new Finance Reports which will provide an Indicative Earning CSV for row level data and an Overview dashboard: 


The reports are currently in Beta testing and we are aiming to roll them out in September at the latest.

New fields

Table Name  Column Name  Description  Data Type 
Application  Age on Start Date  Age of learner on their start date  tinyint 
Learning Plan  Completion Processed By  Person who processed the completion  varchar 
Learning Plan  Completion Processed On  Date the completion was processed  datetime2 
Learning Plan  Last Review Date  Date of their last review  date 
Learning Plan  Last Review Status  Status of their last review  varchar 

Deprecated View 

The view [Presentation].[Learning Outcomes Links] will be removed in our next release. This fact table plays no role in the current data model.  

Learning Outcomes are better served by the following views (named in the singular):  

  • [Presentation].[Learning Outcome]  
  • [Presentation].[Learning Outcome Links]  

Furthermore, we give notice that the following fields will be removed from [Presentation].[Apprentice] in a future release:- 

  • [DAS Info Status] 
  • [DAS Info Cohort Reference] 
  • [Additional Information] 

These fields are available now in [Presentation].[Learning Plan].  This is more appropriate in terms of the data model, as a learner can have different values for each Learning Plan. 

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