End of Academic Year - ESFA Guidance

ESFA Guidance and Support

In order to help you prepare for the end of the academic year, we have collated the below materials from the ESFA to support and guide you. 

ILR Specification 

This will provide a technical specification of the data collection requirements and file format of the ILR to help you to meet the requirements for ILR data returns. We have included below the 21/22 schema for this year's submission, and the 22/23 ready for next year.

21/22 ILR Specification


22/23 ILR Specification


21/22 Apprenticeship Funding Rules

The following links detail the funding rules and guidance for Employers, and both Main and Employer Providers

Apprenticeship Funding Rules - Employers


Apprenticeship Funding Rules - Employer Providers


Apprenticeship Funding Rules - Training Providers


Apprenticeship Technical Funding Guide

This guide explains how funding works for apprenticeship standards starting on or after 1 August 2020, including how the ESFA calculate provider payments.


Data Collection Maintenance Schedule

The ESFA data collection maintenance schedule provides details of ILR data collection periods, planned learning aims reference data updates and essential maintenance windows. 


Funding Information Service (FIS) Tool

FIS is a desktop application for the ESFA's data collections system. Once you have exported you ILR export xml file, you can upload it to the FIS which will provide a rule violation report detailing any errors or warnings in your data.  Providers can use this to validate ILR data against the rules and correct their data in Bud where required, ahead of each submission.

Download FIS


ESFA Enquiry Form


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