Funding Rules 22/23

With the new academic year just around the corner this webinar covers the changes Bud have/will be implementing to support you in the new year.


Due to the limited time between the rules being published and the start of the academic year we will take a phased approach in delivery, so there will be additional enhancements to follow, but our current plans include:

  • Providing the ability to change the programme duration by less than a month
  • Amending the Off The Job hours (OTJH) for an activity during enrolment
  • Enhanced OTJH tracking for an individual activity
  • Automatically populating the actual OTJHs in the ILR when a learner withdraws

Please keep an eye out for future release notes for details on the above.

While we continue with our developments, there will be a few workarounds for you to be aware of.

Recording the maximum funding band in the ILR 

Currently, this works for enrolment. However, we have not yet completed the work on updating the values if they are changed via the application edit flow, including adding the EPA price if not known at enrolment. In the meantime, please manually update the ILR with any changes to TNP values until we release the additional development in this area.

Recording actual off-the-job hours in the ILR

We will extend our completion logic to include withdrawals too. In the meantime, if a learner withdraws from learning you will need to manually add the actual off-the-job hours to the Programme Aim (ZPROG001) in the ‘Learning Delivery’ section of the ILR. You can find the learner’s actual off-the-job hours in the learner metrics bar:


Evidence requirement for EPA

The new rules stated that you must provide a signed statement by the employer & provider that the apprentice is still employed until EPA is completed and evidence from the EPAO portal that the EPA has been attempted. We recommend that you use the file upload functionality available in the EPA section of Bud to upload offline copies of this evidence:


Future developments

Beyond the immediate areas we are looking to develop, we will continue to explore possible improvements in the following areas:

  • Recruit an Apprentice service – adding a question in the enrolment so this information can be reported
  • Prior learning reductions – implementing the new ESFA calculation to reduce the price of the apprenticeship
  • Residency eligibility – updating the enrolment questions with the new residency rules
  • Progress reviews – a wider workstream for us to consider, but this will include updating the questions to ensure we are recording the information listed in the evidence pack requirements
  • Training Plan document – further enhancements to ensuring we meet all the needs of the evidence pack requirements, e.g. method of delivery, practical period dates, etc.
  • Updating the Training Plan throughout the apprenticeship
  • Four-weekly activity – we will be considering how we can further support you in this area



We have summarised the questions asked throughout the webinar to provide additional clarity. If you have additional questions please speak to your Customer Success Manager.


Q) Will it be possible to extend a programme by less than a month?

Enrolment allows for working part time hours and will calculate the duration based on this. We are looking at implementing a date picker for the end of practical period which will give greater flexibility in the end date.

Q) How should I handle learners that I have future started, for example to use the new off the job calculations?

To apply the new logic we have implemented for the new funding rules you will need to take learners through the edit flow. This will mean that new signatures will need to be captured.

Q) Where the employer is paying above the max banding will any funding reduction be applied in the ILR TNP values?

We are seeking clarification from the ESFA and how reductions should impact the values entered in the ILR. We will provide an update when we have one.


Reduction for Prior Learning (RPL) Questions:


Q) Will the RPL questions be displayed for learners whose start date is before the 1st August 2022?

We have only implemented the questions for learners with a start date on or after the 1st August 2022, this is so that questions do not have to be completed for every learner who goes through the "edit flow".


Q) Will the RPL discussion page be enhanced in future releases to hide/show questions & comment fields based on previous answers within the page?

Yes, we were hoping this would be released on the 28th July but there have been unforeseen delays and we are aiming to release this in August.


Q) Can we add evidence into the new RPL screen?

This is scheduled as an additional enhancement in future releases, please keep an eye out on the release notes.


Off the job hours questions:

Q) How will Bud Support those on Term-time only contracts?

The same calculation is used because the learner must still do the same amount of off-the-job and minimum duration, but when/how this will be delivered is to be agreed between the provider and employer. Essentially, they have same number of OTJH as a regular apprentice, but just need to do more during term time to account for the gaps.


P47 The off-the-job training requirement for an apprentice with a term-time only contract (e.g. such as those in the teaching profession) should be no less, as a minimum, than any other apprentice. Term-time apprentices must also meet the minimum duration requirement.


P47.1 Off-the-job training is calculated as though the apprentice is working 52 weeks per year (minus statutory leave). Once the calculation is made, the training can be delivered across the weeks specified in the term-time only contract (usually 39 contact weeks), if this is what has been agreed between the employer and main provider.


Q) Can the OTJ Hours tracking also include reflection on what they have learnt during that activity?

We are still working on how we will implement the tracking and will consider this as part of our thinking.


Q) Will the new enhanced OTJ tracker be introduced for all Apprentices including pre 31st July 2022 leaners?

We are still working on how we will implement the tracking and will consider this as part of our thinking.


Q)With regards to amending the OTJ hours during enrolment for an activity will it flag up if we go under the min hours?

We are still working on how we will implement the tracking and will consider this as part of our thinking.


Progress reviews questions:

Q) A lot of learners seem to find it difficult to find where they need to sign for their learner reviews. Can you have a drop tab that states " review signatures "?

We will consider this as part of our progress review workstream and I'm sure our UX/UI team will help us make things more accessible.


ILR Crossover Period questions:

Q) Will Bud manage fields that need to be changed between each year’s ILRs eg: "Learner ref in previous year" that will need to be in 21/22 but not in 22/23 with the ability to run these concurrently using the dual database?

Yes, for the new year ILR we will not show the value added for the previous year. Instead, you will get a blank entry for that field. If you need to add a new value for that year, you will be able to do that in the system.


Q) Can we edit ILR data for both years at same time rather than switching between them?

Bud will automatically update the ILRs when you process a change of circumstance. If you need to make manual amendments to a learners ILR then this would have to be done per year. This can be done using a new toggle feature available to ILR Admins.


Q) If you process a withdrawal after the data migration has happened and the actual end date is in the prior year, i.e. July 2022, will Bud auto remove the 2022/23 ILR instance?

The data will still be present for the Learner within their individual record but when you export the full 22/23 ILR they will not be included.


Q) How is the 'process' date going to be used?  It's the effective date which is relevant.

We will be using both the effective date and the process date in our logic. The effective date is the most important date during the cross over period but once R14 (known as hard close) has happened changes will only be included in the 22/23 ILR. If a learner is completed or withdrawn after R14 they will continue to be reported in the ILR for the remainder of 22/23 academic year.


Q) What date does Bud use in the ILR when processing a withdrawal or break?

Once a break or withdrawal is processed we will record the "date of last activity" captured in the request into the ILR.





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