Release 4.39 - 23rd August 2022


ESFA Funding Rules:  

Displaying Dependent Questions from RPL on Training Plan 

We recently introduced a new RPL question page during the application process, which appears after the Skill Scan page to capture more information on prior learning. In the first release of this new page, all dependent questions were appearing in the Training Plan regardless of whether they had been completed. This has now been fixed so that only questions completed during the application are presented.  

Recording Actual Off The Job Hours for Withdrawals 

The new funding rules state that actual OTJH are required for withdrawn learners as well as completed learners. To reflect this we have now included the recording of actual OTJH on the ILR of learners who have withdrawn.


Production of individual learner ILR files 

We have now introduced the ability to produce individual learner ILR files for 21/22 and/or 22/23 (prior to this release the default download was 22/23 only).

When using the "Funding year displayed” toggle, the selected year will be the ILR file produced after clicking “Download Learner ILR”: 


ILR bug fixes: 

  • We have introduced a fix which should prevent data entered in the ILR manually from either not saving or saving against the wrong ILR year resulting in inconsistent data across ILR years. Changes made via workflow processes are not subject to the same issue. 
  • We have enforced the exclusion of the “NUMHUS” Learning delivery HE Information field from the 22/23 ILR following its removal from the ILR specification for the current academic year. This should prevent customers from seeing an “ILR is not well formed” schema error when submitting a 22/23 ILR to SLD/FIS where a value was entered against this field. 

Bug fixes:  

  • We have fixed a bug where some apprenticeship applications were blocked by a 500 error. 
  • OST applications will no longer have incorrect text added to the disability information on the support & access page. 
  • Existing users in Bud who become different user types ( employer contact also becomes a learner) will be assigned the correct claims and permissions to allow them to pick which role to log in as. 

Business Intelligence  


We have been reviewing our engagement metric and have updated the Bud standard engagement metric to the following definition: 

“a submission or message from the learner, submission by the trainer, or a completed progress review. For reviews signatures must be captured to be defined as complete. If a learner has been on a break the time is reset upon return from a break.” 

We will no longer include a log in to Bud towards Bud’s engagement metric. 

The new field in Learning Plan called Date of Last Engagement will hold this metric and will be the basis for Weeks Since Last Engagement. Details of all the new fields related to this are in the New Data warehouse table below.

Operations Dashboard  

  • The new metric defined above is the basis for the operations dashboard. 
  • We have expanded the scope of learners included in the report. If a learner is in the process of requesting a break or withdrawal, they will continue to be reported until they are “on a break” or “withdrawn”. 
  • By default, learners who are “in EPA” will be excluded but you have the option to include them by using the filters: 


As a log in to Bud has been removed from the standard metric we have added the date of the last log in to the data table. In a future release, we are planning to add the % of learners who have logged in. 

Standard - On programme report  

The weeks since last engagement will be updated in this report to reflect the new metric. 


New Data Warehouse Items:


Table Name

Column Name


Learning Plan

Date Of Last Engagement

Most recent date of the following: last submission or message from learner, submission from trainer, completed progress review, start date or date returned from a break.

Learning Plan

Last Submission by Trainer

Last Submission Date from trainer

Learning Plan

Weeks Since Last Engagement Grouping

Weeks since last engagement grouped into bands

Learning Plan

Weeks Since Last Engagement Grouping Order

Sequence order for Weeks since last engagement grouped into bands

Deprecated Fields 

The following fields will be removed from [Presentation].[Apprentice] in a future release:-   

  • [DAS Info Status]   
  • [DAS Info Cohort Reference]   
  • [Additional Information]   

These fields are available now in [Presentation].[Learning Plan].  This is more appropriate in terms of the data model, as a learner can have different values for each Learning Plan.  


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