Release 4.40 - 6th September 2022


ESFA Funding Rules

Functionality to Reduce Duration by Less than One Month:  

We have introduced the ability to change apprenticeship duration in monthly, weekly, and daily increments (previously planned duration could only be altered in monthly increments). Suggested duration is provided when setting a start date and entering weekly working time during Applicant Sign-Up. The end date of the practical period can be changed using a date picker, changing the Estimated Apprenticeship End Date, with the total number of months, weeks, and days displayed: 


Minimum duration rules:

  • For a standard Apprenticeship application (not migrated, transferred, or restarted), the programme duration must be a minimum of 12 months. If an end date making the programme under these 12 months is selected, an error message is displayed, and the user is stopped from progression through the application: 


  • Part time hours (<30) have a suggested minimum duration based on the number of hours. If a date is selected which means that the end date is below this suggested duration, a warning message is displayed: “duration entered is below the minimum suggested programme duration”. Users can still proceed in this instance unless the duration entered is less than 12 months, in which case the user is unable to.

Updated Progress Review Frequency: 

In response to progress reviews being required “at least every 12 weeks”, the Training Plan (formerly commitment statement) text has been amended to state they will be carried out “every 12 weeks as a minimum, or as per your training provider’s schedule if this is more frequent”.

Adding Recruit and Apprentice Service Question: 

Employers are offered the Recruit an Apprentice service by the ESFA, and it is now mandatory to record a reason why this service has not been used. A question has been added to the “employer details” page to ask “Was the ‘Recruit an Apprentice’ service used by the employer to recruit this applicant?”. Where an answer of “no” is given, a reason must be provided in a free text box.

Group Learning & Delivery

The first of our planned user interface usability improvements are in this release including: 

  • Search, filters, and pagination on the Activities page
  • Updated buttons to new round rounded style


The Status and Programme filters are dynamic and will offer only the status and programme options found in the learners in this group, for example: 



Please note there is a small defect relating to filtering – although this will filter the activity name column correctly, the Programme column and the status counts do not change to reflect the filtered rows – this will be corrected in the next release in 2 weeks.

Bug fixes

Interim release- 31/08/2022:

  • We have introduced a fix for EmpStat_09 errors caused by employment statuses prior to learning start date not pulling through into the ILR XML file where present.
  • We have enforced the exclusion of non-valid Restricted Use Indicator (RUI) and Preferred Method of Contact (PMC) codes from the 22/23 ILR where the learner’s aims start after 01/08/22 (I.e. a new start in 22/23 and not a carry-in learner). The questions relating to these fields will also be removed from the application screens imminently.
  • We have enforced the exclusion of the “NUMHUS” Learning delivery HE Information field from the 22/23 ILR following its removal from the ILR specification for the current academic year. This should prevent customers from seeing an “ILR is not well formed” schema error when submitting a 22/23 ILR to SLD/FIS where a value was entered against this field.
  • We have fixed an issue with data synching between ILR years for the Learning Delivery HE section of the ILR. The correct data will now be saved and displayed against the correct year in the ILR screens.

Main Release – 06/09/2022:

Following the R14 submission window (aka. Hard-Close) on 20/10/2022 we will be preventing the editing of data in the 21/22 ILR. This will effectively leave the 21/22 ILR as “read-only” and this will be achieved by:

  • Removing edit buttons from all sections of the 21/22 ILR screens
  • Removing the option to Add and Remove aims in the learning delivery tab of the 21/22 ILR
  • Removing the option to Add and Remove employment records in the 21/22 ILR

Please note these changes will not be visible until 21st October 2022

Business Intelligence

Deprecated Fields: 

The following fields will be removed from [Presentation].[Apprentice] in the next release-  

  • [DAS Info Status]  
  • [DAS Info Cohort Reference]  
  • [Additional Information]  

These fields are available now in [Presentation].[Learning Plan].  This is more appropriate in terms of the data model, as a learner can have different values for each Learning Plan. 

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