Release 4.41 - 20th September 2022

ESFA Funding Rules

New Household Question Status

We have updated the household status situation question, as shown below, to align with the new ILR specification. The new question will apply to all new apprenticeship enrolments on the system. 



Old applicants with a learning start date before 01/08/2022 will continue to see the old question when editing the application.

ESFA Contact Preferences

We have updated the contact preferences section in step 6 of apprenticeship applications to remove the ESFA contact options to align with the new ILR specification. The privacy notice will still be displayed. 


We have continued to work on developing the data logic regarding “Hard-Close” (R14) which is now complete.

ILR Bug Fix

We have fixed a minor issue with the ILR interface which means you will now remain in the same aim once editing has been completed and saved. Prior to this fix, you were returned to the first aim in the sequence following a saved edit.

Business Intelligence 

New Datawarehouse Field:  

Table Name

Column Name


Data Type

Rag Rating

Is Latest

Set to 1 if this is the latest RAG rating given for this learner on this programme



Adding this flag makes it easy to load only the latest RAG Rating into your report by filtering in Power Query, if you do not require the historical records.

New report fields: 

New fields have been added to the following Standard Reports:

  • Applications Report
    • Added Learner Email to the table
  • On Programme Report
    • Added RAG Rating, RAG Date and RAG Rating Reason columns
  • Breaks in Learning / Break Details Reports
    • Added Break Reason column to these tables

Removed fields

In this release, we have removed the following three fields from Presentation.Apprentice.

  • Additional Information
  • DAS Info Cohort Reference
  • DAS Info Status

These fields can be found in Presentation.[Learning Plan] instead.

If you see a reference to these fields in report refresh error messages, you will need to remove them from your report to fix the error.

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