Release 4.42.1 - 11th October 2022



In order to help our customers prepare for the R14 submission we have released a number of ILR specific fixes.


Planned End Date following a break in learning.

We have updated the logic for the recalculation of the Planned End Date (PED) when a learner returns to learning following a Break in Learning (BiL). This logic applies in situations where the learner was placed on a break AFTER their original PED has passed (I.e they have become “Out Of Funding” or “Past Planned End Date”).

The logic for the recalculation of the PED following a BiL in the above situation is as follows:

BiL start date – Original PED = Days Past Original End Date (DPOED)

(DPOED + Length of BiL) + Return From Break date = New PED

The above calculation will provide a more accurate PED as it will take into account the length of time that the learner has gone past their original PED when calculating their new expected PED.


NB: this figure can be overridden in the ILR if it is identified that the learner needs more/less time to complete than calculated.


Change of Employer Process

We have addressed an issue where, on occasions, a change of employer processed for a learner who has previously been edited does not result in the creation of a new employer record in the ILR (The “front end” of the system still updated as expected). Following this release when a learner’s employer is changed via the “change of employer” workflow process a new employer record will be added to the ILR.


NB: For learner’s who have previously completed the change of employer process and a new employer record has not been created, this can be added manually in the ILR to match the Front end. This fix will only apply to new change of employer requests following this release.





Incomplete Destination and Progression records

We have addressed an issue that was recently introduced where some Destination and Progression (D&P) records were being included in the XML output when only containing partial details. This resulted in a FD_DP_DPOutcome_EOFIS/HUB error. This issue has now been resolved and D&P records will only be included where they contain a value in at least one of the mandatory fields below:

Outcome Type (OutType)

Outcome Code (OutCode)

Outcome start Date (OutStartDate)

Outcome Collection Date (OutCollDate)

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