Release 4.43 - 20th October


Road Map Update 

Other Skills and Training

For AEB applications we have added two new pages to the ‘Programme info’ section:

  1. Programme question: This page includes questions required for compliance with the AEB funding rules and information required for ILR automation in the future.
  2. Learner IAG: This page includes questions relating to the learner’s information, advice, and guidance. This is a key aspect of AEB funding.



ESFA Funding Rule Changes

Updated Residency Question

The ESFA funding rules have changed in line with government policy on residency eligibility rules, and residency status for learners who started an apprenticeship on or after 01/08/2022 must be recorded from the new options. Within the eligibility section of enrolment, we have updated the answer options for the question “What is the applicant’s residency status”.

As the start date of the apprenticeship has not yet been selected when the eligibility questions are answered the latest answer options will be shown for:

  • All new learners
  • Existing learners returning through the edit flow. However, previous answers for learners who started before 01/08/2022 will be stored, and they do not have to choose an option from the updated list when returning through the edit flow if this does not need to be changed.

Business Intelligence

Employer Reports

Following the recent launch of employer reports, we have made a few initial enhancements based on feedback received: 

  • The navigation pane has been added to the main dashboard and the learner dashboard.


  • Added the count of learners in EPA to the “in EPA” reports



Operations Dashboard Reports

We have added a new “Rag Rating” report. This will give an overview of the latest rag rating per learner and the comment associated: 




New DWH Items

Table Name

Column Name


Data Type


Rag Rating Links


Surrogate Key to the Programme dimension




Faster Data Warehouse Access

To improve the service Bud offers to our reporting users, we have now implemented a scale-out solution for the Bud Data Warehouse. This means that behind the scenes, there are now two, fully synchronised servers available and a load-balancer will automatically pick the best one to fulfil your request.  

To take advantage of these performance improvements, all that’s required is to set one of the options below, and we highly recommend that you do so:

1. In PowerBI Desktop:

This can be enabled by selecting the ‘Enable SQL Server Failover support’ under Transform data > Data source settings.

When you publish the report to the PowerBI service, this will reduce the refresh times of your reports as well. 


2. Connecting from a client other than PowerBI: 

Inform the load balancer that we’re only reading data by adding the following to the connection string:


  • In SSMS this can be added under Additional Connection Properties:


  • Please note you must also specify the database name as well:


For more information on connection strings click here. We would strongly encourage all our PowerBI and ETL users to set this flag to gain optimal Data Warehouse performance.

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